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GG Poker Network: How Asian is it?

Author: Vargoso Published: 20.11.19

In the beginning, we could call the GG Poker Network an Asian poker site focused on attracting Southeast Asian players, particularly with local skins. But over the past two years, Good Game has evolved to become one of the leaders on the online poker market, and now attracts players around the globe. In this article, we check how Asian the network is at the end of 2019.

GG Poker Network: How Asian is it?

GG Poker Network: ratio of players from different countries

Since the GG Poker Network client displays country flags according to the players' IP addresses, we can check the number of players connect from different regions. To do this, we will first determine which countries can be considered "Asians." It's important to note that the poker approach will be slightly different from the geographical one.

We will consider Asia only Southeast Asian countries: China, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and others. Other regions will be as follows:

  • Middle East: Israel, Turkey;
  • Europe: Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, United Kingdom;
  • Russia and former USSR (except the Baltic States): Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Asian republics such Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan;
  • America (Canada, Argentina, Brazil), and Australia.

We gathered data on the main formats of cash games (NLH, PLO, fast-fold poker) in European time so that you can trace the dynamics in changing the participation of individual regions during the day on GG Poker Network. 


Region/Format NLH PLO R&C
Asia 120 89 88
Middle East 16 26 19
Europe 32 39 141
Former USSR 81 23 166
America and Australia 16 13 3


Region/Format NLH PLO R&C
Asia 91 130 120
Middle East 27 25 19
Europe 109 53 179
Former USSR 105 46 168
America and Australia 2 4 25


Region/Format NLH PLO R&C
Asia 151 132 145
Middle East 29 48 33
Europe 131 114 193
Former USSR 92 38 191
America and Australia 7 10 42


Region/Format NLH PLO R&C
Asia 113 77 103
Middle East 44 47 39
Europe 89 62 191
Former USSR 122 56 228
America and Australia 15 18 49


Region/Format NLH PLO R&C
Asia 50 51 65
Middle East 43 39 44
Europe 103 94 229
Former USSR 93 44 171
America and Australia 11 19 56

It is worth mentioning that for some time a group of players from a particular country dominated strongly (>50%) the connections of an entire region:

  • Asia — China;
  • Middle East — Israel;
  • Former USSR — Russia.

What conclusions can be drawn from the traffic data?

For a long time, GG Poker Network can no longer be called an Asian network; the players from this region belong to one of three roughly equal groups, which account for the vast majority of cash game traffic: former USSR and Europe;

  • The peak in the number of players from Southeast Asia countries falls at noon (the best time to play against them) or in the early evening (European time);
  • The most "non-Asian" game is fast-fold poker;
  • GG Poker Network is becoming one of the main sites to play online poker from Israel, which has always preferred Omaha tables;
  • The only region where GG Poker network can increase its presence is in America; so far, players from this region can only be seen at fast-fold poker tables;
  • After China, Russia is the country with the most players on the GG Poker Network.

Despite the expansion of the networks, players from Asia (mainly China) remain the main asset of the GG Poker network; this can be evidenced with the launch of special formats (6+ Hold'em) and tournaments played in Yuans.

In 2020, we can expect an increase in the share of players from the western region on GG Poker skins, while the network continues to develop in Asia.

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