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GGpoker PVI explanation - How does PVI affect you?

Author: Vargoso Published: 05.10.19

The growth of GGPoker Network in the last two years is thanks to adopting the right strategy to maintain the poker ecosystem between amateurs and regs. One way to "support" poker fans is to change the rake structure, and with this, the rakeback distribution. In our experience, some poker players are not yet clear about what the PVI (Player Value Index) is and how it works, or how fair is it? That is why we will try to explain in this article.

GGpoker PVI explanation - How does PVI affect you?

What is GGpoker PVI

The GGPoker network monitors your game patterns and results, and on their basis, you get the so-called — Player Value Index (PVI). In theory, its value can vary from 0 to 2. It's common to believe that the PVI of amateurs tends to 2, and of winning grinders is always less than 1. But, the exact calculations are only known by the network.

From July 2020 minimal PVI multiplier was set to 0.1. Meaning that winning players can have their rake counted as 10% (before min was 0.2).

Please note that depending on your performance, your multiplier can change without notice.

As the GGNetwork website no longer has the house rules posted, we retrieve information from skins and poker forums with some concepts about PVI:

  1. Factors constituting the PVI of each game, such as CHB Index, Swing Index, Potsize Index, etc., are evaluated relative to each other, and a value is assigned. Each factor is evaluated separately for each game and each blind. The value will range from 0 to 2.
  2. Hold 'em and Omaha scores are determined by the following data: CHB, Swing, Potsize Index, etc.
  3. All-in or Fold score is determined by several indexes: All-In, Jackpot, Winloss, etc.
  4. Tournament score is determined by Overlay Index, Satellite, Buyin, and Skill.
  5. All scores are subject to change.
  6. PVI Blind Groups. Hold 'em and Omaha games are divided into 4 Blind Groups (Featured / High / Medium / Low), and players will have unique PVI for each Blind Group. When a session ends, the coefficient of the Blind Group, which the session belongs to, will be updated.
  7. PVI is updated at the end of each session.

The only value that can be guessed is the "Potsize Index," probably a ratio of the pots won by the players, but the network does not disclose the details any calculation made. Therefore, we can conclude: 

The method of how the PVI is calculated is unknown by everyone, and GGPoker doesn't disclose it even to affiliates.

How does PVI affect you?

Rake structure multiplies fees counted in your favor. If your index is less than one (as with all winning players), it will reduce the total amount of rake with which the rakeback is calculated.

As GGPoker PVI rake is updated continuously, it changes your rakeback every month.

Players' feedback

In general, professional players are unhappy with PVI. In a "direct" rake structure like the one used by partypoker or Winning Poker Network, more volume means more rakeback, but on GGPoker is different.

Some grinders have stated that their bb/100 rate dropped to 200% after his profits were affected by the PVI Index.

Other groups of players don't understand how the index affects their payout, or if it changes the Fish Buffet rewards program. The information available in PokerCraft is confusing to some grinders.

GGPoker rake structure

We won't discuss in this article how the Fish Buffet loyalty program works; it has been widely explained in other articles and on our GGPoker review. It's quite simple to understand; unfortunately, we can not say the same thing about the complex rake structure on the network, which directly affects the rakeback size.

All players pay a commission from their share in the pot — 5% in Hold'em and Omaha — but the way it is counted for each one is not easy.

In GGPoker, the rake is charged pre-flop.


Stake Rake Cap
$0.02 / $0.05 5% $0.5
$0.05 / $0.10 5% $1
$0.10 / $0.25 5% $2
$0.25 / $0.50 5% $4
$0.50 / $1 5% $5
$1 / $2 5% $6
$2 / $5 5% $8
$5 / $10 5% $10


Stake Rake Cap
$0.05 / $0.10 5% 3BB
$0.10 / $0.25 5% 3BB
$0.25 / $0.50 5% 2BB
$0.50 / $1 5% 2BB
$1 / $2 5% 2BB
$2 / $5 5% 1.5BB
$5 / $10 5% 1.5BB
$10 / $20 5% 1.5BB
$25 / $50++ 5% 1BB

Rush & Cash (NLH & PLO):

Stake Min Buy-In Max Buy-In Rake % Rake Cap
$1 \ $2 $100 $200 5% $6
$0.5 \ $1 $50 $100 5% $3
$0.25 \ $0.50 $25 $50 5% $1.50
$0.10 \ $0.25 $12 $25 5% $0.75
$0.05 \ $0.10 $5 $10 5% $0.30
$0.02 \ $0.05 $2 $5 5% $0.15
$0.01 \ $0.02 $1 $2 5% $0.06

GGPoker PVI rake FAQ

✅ Does GGPoker disclose real rake?

No, GGPoker only shares PVI rake, which has already been affected by a random factor.

✅ How can I know my PVI?

GGPoker doesn't share what the player's exact PVI is. They only share a final rake number.

✅ Does PVI rake affect my final rakeback?

Yes. Your overall benefit is affected by PVI rake, although we can say that grinders get a decent cashback on the network.

✅ How can I improve my PVI?

As the formula for calculating the index is unknown, there is no way to get a better coefficient on the network. Heavy grinders must be aware that they will be "punished" for the benefit of amateurs.

✅ Is GGPoker rake structure public?

Yes, GGNetwork charges a standard 5% rake at the Hold'em and Omaha tables. The rake distribution to players is the one affected by random factors.

✅ Is GGPoker rigged?

All evidence indicates GG Poker is not rigged, and all games are fair.


We can conclude that the amount of rakeback you receive at any room of the GGPoker network will depend not only on the volume and the bonuses received by Fish Buffet and other promos but also on the amount of rake counted in your favor affected by PVI, which may consider the number of hands you play, how much money you win at the tables, etc.

If you are a winning player, your PV Index most likely be less than one, and each month your rakeback will change according to your results and game patterns.

GGNetwork is still the best site to play with Asian poker fans, and they are the reason to implement an indirect rake structure.

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