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GGNetwork ventured into another area to promote its brand — the release of poker merch. So far, only 12 items are offered in the GGStore, but players are promised to expand the catalog soon.


What does GGStore offer to players?

Until now, GGNetwork fans can order a total of 12 different products, which are divided into four groups of clothing:

  • Hoodies ($80-$85): The insulated ones have a large "GG" logo on the back, a small one on the right on the chest, and a zipper. Classic models don't have a zipper and feature only one logo on the front (GGPoker).

GGPoker Hoodies

  • T-shirts ($40): Also differ in logo, size, and color.

GGPoker T-Shirts

  • Caps ($25): The difference between the two black hats is only in the size of the visor and logos. One of them — "Always a Good Game," is made for some reason almost the same color as the cap (black).

GGPoker Headgear

  • Facemask ($5): two types with different logos, including WSOP. Sent in a plastic case, copper-Infused antimicrobial cloth.

GGPoker Accesories

GG poker apparel, hoodies and T-shirts are made of 100% dry cotton fleece. So far, in general, the entire range can be called quite dull and monotonous (not to mention the high prices). However, most likely, more merchandise will be added with time. The store is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian.

Purchase and delivery

GGStore works the same as any online shop, but it also has unique features. The first one is related to the possibility of delivery worldwide. In theory, it's possible to get a parcel in any country, but due to the pandemic, a list of countries has been published on the website:

So far, residents of the United States, Canada, Thailand, France, Australia, Germany, among others, can receive products from the store.

Residents from other countries are invited to write an email to [email protected] and wait for a notification. The cost of international shipping is $25 on average, and delivery time is 2 to 3 weeks. There are three payment methods available:

  1. Cards
  2. PayPal
  3. Cryptocurrency through the CoinPayments.net service

GGStore popularity will depend on the quality of the products and portfolio (surely players can expect some draws and promotions). Nowadays, stores from poker rooms are going through hard times. Whether GGStore, like many other new products from the network, will reverse this situation — we will find out in the coming months.

Benefits of our affiliate service:

  • Private promotions and tournament tickets in our Telegram channel;

  • Professional support on all issues seven days a week.

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