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HeroIQ — Run It Once Poker launches its Built-in HUD

Author: Vargoso Published: 08.08.20

The Run It Once Poker client was updated last week, including a new feature called HeroIQ, a built-in HUD which will complement the dynamic avatars. Today we will talk about why this new characteristic will widespread to other poker rooms.

HeroIQ — Run It Once Poker launches its Built-in HUD

Run It Once Poker: Dynamic avatars

Even before launch of the poker room, Phil Galfond stated that the use of any third-party software would be prohibited. The only way to get at least some information about the villains were the so-called dynamic avatars. Also, this feature only displays statistics for a specific table, since the players in the room can create different identities (nicknames) at each table.

Different images are used to roughly indicate the player's statistics after ten hands played. A hint was included in the name of the seven available game styles:

Profile VPIP   PFR   3Bet  
  Hold'em Omaha Hold'em Omaha Hold'em Omaha
Tight Passive 20% – 30% 25% – 40% <15% <15%    
Loose Passive 30 – 45% 40% – 60% < 20% < 20% < 15% < 10%
V Loose Passive > 45% > 60% < 25% < 35% < 15% < 20%
Tight Aggressive 20 – 30% 25 – 40% > 15% > 15%    
Loose Aggressive 30 – 45% 40 – 60% > 20% > 20% > 10% > 10%
V Loose Aggressive > 45% > 60% > 25% > 35% > 15% > 20%
Very Tight < 20%     < 25%    

The solution is creative, but not convenient or informative. Due to this (or another reason), since August 2020, RIO added a built-in HUD.

HeroIQ: Run It Once Poker built-in HUD

HeroIQ is based on the same three stats that were used to display dynamic avatars. They are now available near the player's nickname.


VPIP (Play) and PFR (Raise) are displayed in different colors. This can be changed in the client settings (Settings > Table Appearance > HeroIQ).

HeroIQ starts working after ten hands have been played, it must be activated in the table settings.

Is HeroIQ an original idea?


Although HeroIQ is innovative, it is far from being original. The most famous built-in HUD — Smart HUD — has been in operation on GGNetwork since last year. The main difference is that the second one shows more information, including a feature that is activated when the player is running hot or cold.

Club-based apps like PPPoker or PokerBros also offer built-in HUDs via in-app purchase VIP cards, although the final result is more similar to regular poker trackers.

Why do poker rooms need a built-in HUD?

In recent years, the fight against artificial intelligence and poker trackers has resulted in a hostile environment for third-party apps. Two of the largest poker networks, partypoker and GGNetwok, also prohibit HUDs.

The main argument of poker sites to ban the software is the need to create a level playing field. A built-in HUD serves this purpose and provides the same information to all players.

Regs will surely prefer to play with some information rather than going blind. In the future, this may become a trending topic, and more poker sites may start developing their own tools.

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