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GGpoker Smart HUD

It's not a secret that the GG Network protects the interests of recreational players and does everything in their power to ensure comfortable games for them. One of the policies in this direction is the prohibition on the use of any poker software.

GGpoker Smart HUD

But, the network is aware that regular players are also part of the action, so GG made concessions to them as well. Last year, "Poker Craft" became available on the client. This section presented information on the results of your game. It's of course far away from the information that software like Hold'em Manager could give, but it's better than nothing.

And now, starting on October 1, another tool for regular players will become available on the Good Game Network. A new feature named Smart HUD will present real-time information about the opponents on the tables.

Smart HUD for cash games tables

Luck Factor — an icon with a 4-leaf clover will appear next to the player. The number of colored leaves will depend on how much his current win or loss corresponds to the expected value (EV). 4 green leaf means a huge jump from the EV during the session, while one leaf is a big downswing.

Heat Index — shows how successful is the current session for the player in terms of money results. There is no detailed information about how this factor will be implemented, but the flame on the screenshot shows that this player has won more than 200bb at the tables.

smart hud heat index

Win / Loss Record — Keeps track of hands won/lost as a net value and your total profit for the entire game against a specific opponent.

win and loss

Biggest Hands — will save information about the 3 biggest hands played against this opponent.

Smart HUD for AoF tables

All-in % — a VPIP analog for All-in or fold tables

smart hud for all-in or fold game

All-in % by position — distribution of all-in by the table position

all-in by position

Smart HUD for tournaments

Tournament Rank — current place in the tournament

for mtt

Total Winnings & Leaderboard Ranking — shows information about the overall profit of the player in MTT tournaments and its place in the tournament leaderboard

smart hud total winnings and loss

Also, for tournaments, there will be a variant of Heat Index and Chip Graphs. The last one will be likely a graph showing the chips distribution of the player during the tournament. 

Overall, these stats will certainly give you some information about your opponents, but it is difficult to call them sophisticated. Of course, it remains to see how the new Smart HUD is implemented and how convenient will be for players. Any information about the opponent is an opportunity to increase your profits at the tables.

Stay tuned on our Telegram channel for more EV+ news.

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Vargoso 04.10.18
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