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PokerBros Anti-Bot: how does the new feature work?

Author: Vargoso Published: 23.01.21

According to the developers, the club-based app PokerBros has launched a new Anti-Bot feature, which will complicate the life of possible bot users. In this article, we will tell you all the details of this new function.

PokerBros Anti-Bot: how does the new feature work?

What did PokerBros come up with?

In early January, we shared an interview with a Game Integrity Bros representative, the PokerBros fair game team, and now, only a few weeks later, the site has introduced a new Anti-Bot feature in the client.

In the settings, when creating tables, the club owner can enable the "Photo Rotation Verification" option. After that, all players who want to take a seat will require to complete a specific procedure within 15 seconds.

PokerBros Anti-Bot Feature

The PokerBros Anti-Bot feature requests manually aligning a photo by dragging a slider, sort of a graphic captcha.

  1. The procedure is triggered not only when sitting at a table but also randomly during the game.
  2. The player is given 15 seconds to complete the task.
  3. If he misses it, he would not be able to join the game and be kicked out.

Is the new feature a bot-killer?

These kinds of checks are not entirely new to online poker. Captcha at the tables has been used before by other sites.

In PokerBros Anti-Bot's case, the need to drag a slider in a limited time will require the constant presence of the operator of a possible poker bot, which deprives its automatic operation.

Combined with other techniques from the Game Integrity Bros team, this may work to keep PokerBros bot-free. It remains only to determine how the club owners will react to this novelty, whether they will include it at new tables and whether these tables will become popular among players.

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