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PokerBros launched Spin-It Spins

Author: Vargoso Published: 10.05.21

Another mobile poker room, PokerBros, joined the spin&go hype and launched its own format. They decided to call it Spin-It. What are their features? We will tell you in this article

PokerBros launched Spin-It Spins

Spin-It: Structure and multipliers

PokerBros has added its third new format in the last few months. After quite specific developments such as limit games and AoF tournaments, Spin-It spins were launched.

Experiments with them began a year ago, but then these tournaments had a different name, structure and were available only in the global lobby. Now Spins are also available in selected clubs.

In general, Spin-It remains the same 3-max hyper-turbo SnG with 3-minute blind increases, but with some differences from their counterparts in classic poker rooms. PokerBros mainly changed their structure and multipliers.

Spin-It structure:

  • Starting stack: 1,000 chips, 50BB.
  • Ante from level 4
Level Blinds Ante
1 10/20  
2 15/30  
3 20/40  
4 30/60 5
5 40/80 8
6 50/100 10
7 75/150 15
8 100/200 25
9 125/250 30
10 150/300 40
  • There are only six multipliers:
Multiplier Prize distribution Probability per 10k games
х2 Winner takes all 4937
х3 Winner takes all 4092
х5 Winner takes all 900
х10 Winner takes all 60
х25 Two winning positions (80%,20%) 10
х100 Three winning positions (80%,10%, 10%) 1
Spin-It are spins with a massive starting stack and a high probability of getting x2 and x5 multipliers compared to competitors.

Rake and features

There is no commission in Spin-It, but you will pay anyway because almost half of the tournaments will be x2 multiplier. In other poker rooms, such value is about 4%-5% lower.

Of course, PokerBros' Spin-It will only be an entertaining format, for now, designed to attract new players and keep old poker fans fed up with other poker formats. Neither the traffic nor the stakes (the biggest one is 10) allow grinding regularly.

Our PokerBros players get:

  • Professional advice on choosing a club and installing software;
  • Free chips transfer between clubs;
  • Multilingual support seven days a week;
  • Chips fully guaranteed in case of any problem with the club;
  • Discount in HUD and hand converter;
  • Top deal.

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