Randy "Nanonoko" Lew to take over security at Americas Cardroom


The Winning Poker Network (WPN) flagship poker room, Americas Cardroom, has announced an exciting addition to its team. None other than Randy "Nanonoko" Lew, renowned for his great mid-stakes grinding ability and a nine years' PRO at PokerStars, will now be working on security in this room.


Is Nanonoko starting a new career?

Randy Lew is well known to the online poker players generation who started poker around 10 years ago. At that time, the American became one of the most famous grinders, and the world record holder for the number of hands played in 8 hours (23,493).

For many years, his name was linked entirely with PokerStars, being a team member until 2019. After that, poker in Lew's life faded a little into the background, especially with his daughter's birth. Simultaneously, "Nanonoko" didn't announce the end of his career: he played in the Triton Poker Series, streamed, and throughout 2020 was busy commenting on tournaments on the GGPoker network channel.

Lately, the poker player told his subscribers about beginning a new stage of relations with the poker industry.

Randy Lew confirms his new job at Americas Cardroom

Poker community's reactions

On Twitter and 2 + 2, the news sparked low-key optimism. Most players expressed the following considerations regarding Randy "Nanonoko" Lew's ability to battle cheating.

  1. Nanonoko is a great honest guy with a vast experience of grinding at 24 tables at medium limits, and his knowledge (especially in the statistics analysis' field) will come in handy for America's Cardroom in the fight against bots, hints, and other manifestations of unfair play. He will also be able to attract other specialists to the room.
  2. Lew will not radically change something in the poker room because he won't get all the necessary information and (or) the necessary powers. The American has already moved away from the dense ice arenas and lost his ability for several years, and now he generally lives in Australia, from where he won't be able to play at the Winning Network's tables.

Some thought that ACR's contract with Randy was a complete publicity stunt that should show poker fans the poker room's concern about security issues. What do you think?

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