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Rob Yong to sponsor Global Poker Organization

Author: Vargoso Published: 06.09.21

Rob Yong, the owner of the DTD casino, co-founder of the Luxon payment system, and the most active on social media partypoker executive - has informed the poker world about his new venture. This time, he took the initiative to fund an international organization to lobby for the interests of the online poker industry in individual countries.

Rob Yong to sponsor Global Poker Organization

Global Poker Lobby

After a vacation in Cyprus and high roller cash games during SHRB Europe, Rob Yong decided to post a tweet not only about his DTD casinos and partypoker but also regarding more global problems.

To begin with, he conducted a survey among his subscribers on whether they consider it a good idea to create a poker organization that will deal with the following:

  1. Lobbying the work of gambling regulators so that they are less engaged in the proceedings like market segregation (up to the creation of reservations) or the development of laws such as in Germany (each bet at the online poker tables has to be taxed at the rate of 5.3%).
  2. Developing a single policy for all poker operators that is beneficial to the industry as a whole.
  3. Promoting online poker to a global audience.

As a result, 64.8% out of 2,381 respondents praised his initiative. So yesterday Rob made a new post on this matter:

Global Poker Lobby by Rob Yong

In a short video following the tweet, Yong added that once the organization has at least 100K members, it would be reasonable to hold elections to appoint its executives. Then he invited poker players, representatives of gambling operators, journalists, and poker affiliates to cooperate.

Where can it lead to?

There is no doubt that establishing a Global Poker Lobby is a vital initiative for online poker. But like any new beginning, it has a lot of obstacles on its way. Therefore, it is still difficult to say whether such an organization will be created and how its work can really affect the unity of the poker industry in the face of external challenges, primarily government regulation.

The second item on the agenda that Rob Yong announced looks the most problematic. 

Every operator can promote online poker on their own; also it is possible to get the support of individual politicians and to assign some lawyers to deal with regulators, but working out a unified view of the development of online poker (at least among representatives of the top poker rooms) - this would require enormous resources and time.

After all, we already have examples of even less ambitious plans that actually did not go beyond declarations:

  1. Fairplay – a previous project of the same Rob Yong, Online Poker Against Cheating (OPAC), assumed poker operators' joint work against fraud and unfair play.
  2. A poker summit, offered by WPN СЕО Phil Nagy.

Therefore, we are cautiously optimistic regarding the prospects of the Global Poker Lobby and would inform you of any developments in this field.

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