Watch Rampagepoker Make Quads Against a Full House


Jonathan Little provided expert analysis of every poker player’s dream scenario.

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Quad Fives vs. Sixes Full in $2/$5 NLHE for Rampagepoker

Ethan “Rampagepoker” Yau played this hand over a year ago in May 2021. However, it became relevant again as veteran poker pro Jonathan Little decided to do a hand analysis on his popular YouTube channel.

Yau picked up pocket 5's on the button early into his $2/$5 No Limit Hold'em session at Chasers Poker Room and Casino in Salem, New Hampshire. 

The cutoff kicked off the action with a $20 raise, to which Yau decided to throw out a 3X 3-bet to $60. The cutoff called. 10-9-5, two Spades fell on the flop, giving bottom set for the excited Rampage. He c-bet to $80, which got quickly called by the opponent.

The turn brought gin to our hero in the hand. It was the last 5 in the deck, making him Quads. With slowplaying out of the question, Yau bet $100 into the $287 pot after being checked. What was great news for him, he got yet another call after a little tanking. 

The river was a 6. Little did Yau know what a great card that was for him. His was opponent now leading, $200 was the bet. Yau shoved all-in for his remaining $760 (after a little bit of the obligatory Hollywooding). The other player couldn't wait to put all of his chips in the middle as well, and proudly turned over pocket 6's for a full house. However, as we all know, it wasn't enough for him. Ethan “Rampagepoker” Yau dragged this massive $2,000 (400 BB's!) pot with four of a kind.

It was a good start to the session for the famed poker vlogger. He walked away from the table with an $870 profit after a little over 2 hours of play.

The hand starts at the 0:42 minute mark in the video below.

Interestingly, a year later, Yau ended up on the receiving end of a similar cooler. In May 2022, Yau's 7's full of Aces ran into Quad 7's in another $2/$5 NLHE cash game on the island of St. Martin's.

Jonathan Little's Analysis of Rampagepoker's Hand

The reason we're talking about this hand now is that Jonathan Little of just uploaded his expert analysis about it.

Little professed that he would have preferred to have Rampage just call before the flop instead of 3-betting his pocket 5's. However, he's rather complimentary of his play post-flop.

He agrees with not slow-playing bottom set or Quads on later streets. As Little points out, slowplaying bottom sets is a particularly bad play as it doesn't block the biggest part of the opponent's check-calling range, top and middle pair.

He also commended Rampage for not betting too much on the river, as that likely would have made the other player fold his 6's. The world-class poker coach also cautions his viewers not to make the major blunder of only min-raising on the river, rather, go for full value with an all-in raise.

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