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Winning Poker Network: improved tournament statistics

Author: Vargoso Published: 26.01.22

Today, the first major update of 2022 took place on WPN. It is mainly related to tournaments: more detailed information about any ongoing MTT with a possibility to adjust the settings manually, improved tournament lobby. We will explain these and other innovations in this article.

Winning Poker Network: improved tournament statistics

Better than competitors?

The more information we have at our disposal, the more correct our decisions can be. Considering MTT's, they often depend on the current phase. Of course, all data can be obtained from a separate lobby, but this is not very convenient when multi-tabling. 

Therefore, poker rooms have expanded information panels at tournament tables, like on GGNetwork and at partypoker. Today, similar info panels appeared at the US-friendly WPN poker rooms.

The panel is located in the upper right corner of the table and includes 4 numbers (your position, average stack, total prize pool, and the 1st place payout). It can be expanded on click to reveal 5 more stats.

Tournament statistics at WPN

Compared to competitors, WPN's info panel is slightly inferior visually (no color highlighting), but it has several advantages:

  • By clicking on the eye icon next to each stat, the player can set any of them always visible at the table.
  • A slider allows you to choose the transparency level of the panel background.
  • By checking the box on the left, you can fix the panel at the table in expanded form.

Other updates

Tournament lobby settings WPN

In addition to the improved information panel, network players have a new tournament lobby:

  • You can choose different colors for particular statuses of MTT and SnG.
  • When you hover the mouse over the name of the tournament, the size of its prize pool appears in a pop-up window.
  • For ongoing events, the first column shows the current blind level.

A "Ban Game" button has appeared in the Responsible Gaming section, which allows you to block access to the casino, sports betting, or poker for 10 days or permanently.

The Gameplay section allows you to choose the time given to show or muck cards at the showdown (2 seconds by default, can be increased to 4). This option has already caused dissatisfaction among the players on the 2+2 forum: they suggested that it would slow down the game. 

So far, the Winning Poker Network has not implemented any of the 7 new features, which were called the main ones for 2022.

Will The Venom break the overlay record?

The first two, The Venom Day 1's of 2022, attracted 175 fewer entries than last year's event with the same guaranteed prize pool. We'd like to remind you that the overlay was $175K back then.

Traditionally, next weekend flights should attract significantly more players. If they show a similar backlog as last year, then The Venom will have an overlay of more than a million dollars for the first time in its history.

This situation can only please MTT players: there are fewer opponents and more guaranteed prize money at the same time. You can qualify to The Venom via satellites, which start from freerolls. 

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