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Winning Poker Network: New $1,000,000 Spin&Go

Author: Vargoso Published: 18.03.20

Winning Poker Network decided to repeat its promotion with 1 million-dollar Jackpots after three years. Starting today (March 18, 2020), two spin&go games ($5 and $15) will have a maximum prize of $1,000,000.

Winning Poker Network: New $1,000,000 Spin&Go

Winning Poker Network: New Jackpot Games

WPN continues to add new promotions for tournament players. Last week we confirmed a new Online Super Series with $12M GTD, and now it's the turn of Spin&Go players, who will now have an opportunity to win up to $1M by playing Jackpot tournaments.

However, the rules of the campaign specifically stipulate that the promotion is temporary, but the end date has not yet been announced.

For now, the most important aspects for players are multipliers and frequencies:

$5 Jackpot

Prize Frequency* Multiplier
$1,000,000 1 x200,000
$5,000 200 х1,000
$500 500 х100
$125 10,000 х25
$50 70,000 х10
$30 818,976 х6
$20 1,842,749 х4
$10 7,257,574 х2

*Per 10 million games.

$15 Jackpot

Prize Frequency* Multiplier
$1,000,000 1 x66,667
$15,000 200 х1,000
$1,500 500 х100
$375 5,000 х25
$150 50,000 х10
$90 384,754 х6
$60 865,360 х4
$30 3,694,185 х2

When one of the three highest multipliers hit the table, the prize pool is divided into three players: 75%, 15%, and 10%. The lucky participants can agree on a different prize structure: 40%, 30%, 30%.

In short, the winner of the $1M multiplier will get a top of $750,000. Of course, if we compare these million-dollar spins with the same ones, for example, inatpartypoker, the odds are ten times higher and even with that, a similar event occurred only once a year.

PokerKing Jackpots

The main effect of such a promotion is the influx of new players to Jackpots, especially poker fans who are attracted by the possibility of a "life-changing event", and that is much more important to regular players than any of these unlikely events.

Our WPN players get:

  • VIP rakeback deal;
  • Commission-free withdrawal;
  • Free layout and hand histories;

Contact us to get an exclusive deal and start playing now:

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