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One of the most important developments of online poker sites in recent years is the appearance of agents. These intermediaries have managed to expand the action of online games to local clubs and countries with restrictive regulations. This article tells you everything you need to know to play online poker with an agent.

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Best online poker sites with agent cashier

  • Wptglobal Logo White
    WPT Global
    • Bitcoins accepted
    100% up to $1,200
  • Clubgg Logo
    • Mobile poker app
    up to 65%
  • Pppoker Logo
    • Mobile poker app
    up to 50%
  • Champion Poker Logo
    iPoker Network
    Champion Poker
    • Bitcoins accepted
    up to 46,67%


Poker roomWelcome bonusCurrencies
VIP Rakeback (up to 50%)
VIP Rakeback (40%+)
Cryptocurrencies, Skrill, Neteller
100% up to $1,200, VIP rakeback
VIP Rakeback

*Confirm the room of your preference with our support team, we have several options in this network. 

WPT Global agent deal

☝️Big update! Now WPT Global accepts even more countries. Unique promotions are available for our players. Contact us to find out more.

With the Worldpokerdeals agency service, you can play in WPT Global using the cryptocurrency of your preference, without commissions, and with the best rakeback deal on the market.

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Head of Support

WPT Global, in partnership with a huge Asian room, is one of the best alternatives to playing online poker for real money. The traffic is impressive (comparable only to GGPoker or PokerStars), and all reports indicate they are the most fun games in NLH and PLO. In the same way, only in WPT Global, you can qualify for world-class live tournaments such as the WPT Voyage or the WPT World Championship.


PPPoker and other club applications such as ClubGG can be called the pioneers, or at least those responsible for popularizing the poker agent system worldwide. Private clubs found in this model the way to bring the action of local clubs to virtual tables.

The Worldpokerdeals agency service in club-based apps includes access to more than 20 unions with guaranteed money and superior rakeback.

iPoker Network

One of our big surprises for our players: WPD provides a safe and efficient ATM service on the iPoker network, TOP5 worldwide in traffic and one of the most developed sites in recent years. You will find free tables from micro limits to high stakes (NL/PLO5k), regular tournaments of more than €200, and series with guaranteed millionaire prizes.


The gigantic Asian network IDN Poker is the ideal site for adventurers who want to see the craziest all-ins on the market. According to our players, the level of the tables on this site is reminiscent of even the best times of 2005, although the action is limited to only hundreds of NLH tables.

How do we select the best poker rooms with an agent cashier

Selecting online poker rooms with agent cashiers is a laborious task because the site's and the affiliate's credibility are critical in any inconvenience. Due to this, we take extreme security measures and apply the following criteria:

  • Transparency: the room should be transparent with affiliates and players, and the agency agreement should not have hidden data
  • Software: The software must have RNG certifications and be developed by a reliable and public company, in addition to being updated frequently
  • Network and support: a room that belongs to a reliable network (such as iPoker) or that has the support of companies such as the World Poker Tour can be trusted when they operate under an agent model
  • Money guarantee: we make unique agreements so that our players have the assurance that the money managed by our agency is safe

What is a poker agent?

A poker agent is an intermediary responsible for transacting real money in poker rooms. He usually has a panel that allows you to deposit or withdraw balances from your accounts.

In other words, the poker agent replaces or complements the functions of the direct cashier of the room, taking care of deposits and withdrawals for players. He also usually handles the payment of promotions such as rakeback.

Real money deposits and withdrawals with poker agents

Usually, the process is as follows:

  1. Confirm with your agent all the conditions of the room: deposit and withdrawal methods, payment timeframe, rakeback, commissions, etc.
  2. Create your account at the indicated poker room, following the agent's instructions.
  3. Depending on the room you perform a KYC
  4. Send the money to the account indicated by your agent with the proof of payment.
  5. The agent will add the balance to your gaming account.

Poker agents vs direct cashier

We consider it crucial to highlight key differences between playing poker online with an agent and with the traditional direct cashier of the rooms, which we collect at a table, although we highlight the most important one, related to the security of the funds.:

Only you and the room representatives can access your money in the direct cashier model. The licensed rooms are forced to keep the players' funds in segregated accounts, guaranteeing their safety. Only reliable agents like Worldpokerdeals can guarantee the safety of your money.

DescriptionAgent CashierDirect Cashier
Money guarantee
Backed by the agent
Backed by the room
Withdrawal speed
Room and licensed based
Currencies and wallets
Usually limited to cryptos and Skrill/Neteller
Can include banks and cards
Availability and support
Restricted by agent’s availability
Usually 24/7
KYC (Identity verification)
Usually not required or partial

Advantages and disadvantages

We highlight the following advantages:

  • Agents usually offer more local payment methods, which can fit your preferences
  • Deposit or withdrawal fees are usually lower with agents
  • For those who prefer to play poker without KYC, agents are ideal
  • Rakeback deals are usually higher


  • Your agent is a third party with access to your money; hence, you must be very careful when selecting him.
  • Agents usually handle only electronic currencies such as cryptocurrencies, leaving out popular methods such as cards or banks.
  • Rooms with a direct cashier usually have stricter security measures.
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