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Best online poker rooms to play NL50-NL200: affiliate opinion

In spite of all the novelties introduced day after day by online poker rooms, grinders are constantly looking for the most stable and reliable options to play, and most of them look for 6-max NLHE tables. Last week we discussed the best online poker rooms for grinders, today we narrow the topic and review the best sites to play at NL50-NL200.

Best online poker rooms to play NL50-NL200: affiliate opinion

Main features needed in poker rooms to grind NL50-NL200

For playing regularly NL50-NL200, the requirements are not that different of those considered playing any other stake. Even the softness of the field is not considered here, the strength is very similar at all rooms at medium stakes. Of course, weaker lineups can be spotted at the so-called underground rooms (from the Middle East, USA, Asia), but in this article, we will consider different options.

The first and most important feature is the traffic, not only in terms of quantity but also considering its distribution during the day. The current situation makes that any poker room different from partypoker and PokerStars has traffic only focused on a region, therefore we will recommend groups with poker rooms that have some features in common: traffic peak time, HUD support, and rakeback.

Let's start with a room we already mentioned: partypoker.

partypoker — old-school PokerStars

While partypoker is still very far from PokerStars in terms of traffic, in almost all other aspects the room is becoming as the market leader (even in terms of the poker client). At partypoker, you can theoretically grind NL50, NL100 and or NL200 without playing on other sites. The peak of traffic lasts several hours, and the connections can be resumed like this:

  • NL50 – 15-20;
  • NL100 – 10-15;
  • NL200 – 8-13.

To complete the picture, there is good action at the fast poker tables (fast forward) at NL50 and NL100:

  • NL50 – 40-70;
  • NL100 – 60-80.

The partypoker VIP program is very transparent: from 20% to 40% rakeback every week for making from $25 to $1,250 in rake.

Regarding the cons, we must say that the HUD works without limitations at the fast poker tables. For regular tables, the statistics are only collected during the current session at each specific table.

The second disadvantage is related to the deal's "expiration date" that Worldpokerdeals (or any other affiliate) can offer: it will be available only for three years after the first deposit, meaning that you can only receive VIP deals during this period.

What rooms can be matched with partypoker if you are looking to multi-lobby? The first candidate is Betfair Poker. The traffic peak matches the partypoker one, HUD and support software have no restrictions, and our players receive a 35% top-rakeback fixed and the option to compete in monthly rake races with €20,000GTD.

During the peak time, 7-9 tables can be found at Betfair Poker at each stake.

Good Game Network

The GG network focused on attracting European and Asian traffic with great results: the number of connections has exponentially increased, and the GG network rooms present like "2 peak times": the European and the Asian prime-time (about 20% more traffic in the second one):

  • NL50 – 17-20;
  • NL100 – 8-10;
  • NL200 – 7-8.

Any kind of support software, including HUD, is forbidden by the network, only a feature called Smart HUD which shows some stats of the tables to everyone. Our top-rakeback deal is PokerOK, where all players get 50% fixed rakeback. 

The MPN rooms can be mixed with GG network; at RedKings, our best offer, players receive 35% rakeback plus additional room promotions like rake races. During the European prime time, players can find about 10 NL50 tables, up to 5 NL100 and 2-3 NL200.

American networks — Winning and Chico

During the American nights, Chico and WPN networks present active tables at NL50-NL200. It's a good idea to mix rooms because table selection is still available and you can look for the best games, for example between PokerKing and Tigergaming.

Stake Tigergaming PokerKing
NL50 7-8 13-15
NL100 5-6 8-10
NL200 3-4 5-7

Tigergaming has 9-max action and up to 10 tables can be spotted at NL100.


As we have seen before, there is enough traffic to comfortably grind at NL50-NL200 stakes, and players can pick up different rooms according to their time zone needs. Our recommendation as affiliates is the following one:

  • partypoker (can be played without other lobby) + Betfair Poker;
  • GG Network + MPN (Asian and European prime time);
  • PokerKing + Tigergaming (American prime time)

Contact us now to get the best rakeback deals on the market for mid-stakes players.


Tigergaming Tigergaming

Chico Poker Network

Network's best skin

Deposit bonus 1000$
Rakeback VIP



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PokerKing PokerKing

Winning Poker Network

50%+ rakeback Network's best skin

Deposit bonus $777
Rakeback up to 90%


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Party Poker Party Poker


WPD rake race Fast cashouts

Deposit bonus -
Rakeback up to 50%


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Betfair Poker Betfair Poker

iPoker Network

Fast cashouts 50%+ rakeback Network's best skin

Deposit bonus -
Rakeback 35+%


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Redkings Redkings

Microgaming Poker Network

WPD rake race Network's best skin

Deposit bonus 1500 EUR
Rakeback 30%



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PokerOK PokerOK

GG Network

Good for beginners 50%+ rakeback Network's best skin

Deposit bonus $1000
Rakeback 50%+


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