Chris Moorman leaves the 888poker Team


As of August 5, 2021, the 888Poker professional crew has decreased by one member. Chris Moorman, a well-known British poker player, has left the team. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this decision and the player's future.


The Official Statement

As in the case with Martin Jacobson, who did not renew his contract with 888Poker at the beginning of this year, very vague and generic remarks surfaced on the room's official social media accounts:

888Poker on Chris Moorman departure

“We're sad to say that our time with Chris Moorman as an 888Poker poker ambassador is coming to an end. We've loved being part of your poker journey, Chris and we know you will continue to soar.Thanks for the memories. It's been GR888T!”

The player has never even "hinted" at such a shift in his poker career. Chris’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook profiles are rarely updated, and his website, chrismoorman.com, has been dormant for three years.

As a result, we can only speculate on the reasons behind Moorman’s decision to leave 888poker. We believe that some updates about the player’s recent actions and changes this year in the room and all online poker should be told to help clarify the issue. 

Background: Chris Moorman is one of the world's most successful tournament players. He has won $18,757,152 in online tournaments and $6,021,317 in live MTTs. He has been an ambassador at 888poker since 2016. His own Hall of Fame looks like this:

Chris Moorman hall of fame

Why is another Chris leaving?

The wave of active line-up changes at the best poker internet sites, which was launched on January 1, 2021, by Moorman's namesake Chris Moneymaker, became possible for various reasons. The most important of these, which completely relates to 888poker, is the necessity to improve Team Pro to increase its popularity among current players.

888poker has formed a new StreamTeam of five little-known low and medium stakes players, indicating the direction of their development - the creation of a team of streamers "relatable" to the mainstream poker fan.

GGNetwork, for example, is currently doing the same thing, but on a larger scale, with its TwitchSquad, OmahaSquad, Short Deck Squad, etc.

As a result, despite having many accomplishments, Moorman does not quite fit into the current poker environment and is not well-known among the new wave of players. The funds that go into his contract (likely not a low-cost contract) do not justify the player's rare appearances at live tournaments in branded merchandise and on the room's YouTube channel. As a result, 888poker likely decided to cut ties with Moorman rather than him deciding to leave. 

What’s next for Chris Moorman?

Chris Moorman WSOP Champion

You can be certain that there will be no significant changes in Chris’s life. He will continue backing, writing books, selling courses, traveling the world, and, of course, competing in tournaments.

For example, Chris has won his second World Series bracelet just over a week ago. This time, he won the $800 event with 418 participants while in Nevada on a local reservation platform.

According to Pocketfives, in 2021, Moorman almost exclusively plays on GGNetwork; thus, the world's largest poker network may try to make him its new ambassador.

One thing is certain: Chris Moorman will be seen frequently in local events, particularly during the WSOP Online season. Last year, he finished second in the Championship for $5,000 at the first series of a similar format and will attempt to win a bracelet on this site again this year.

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