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Daniel Negreanu destroyed Doug Polk last night

Author: Vargoso Published: 14.11.20

After five sessions of the Doug Polk vs. Daniel Negreanu challenge, 1,737 hands have been played and both players are almost break-even. Daniel managed to recoup all of his losses and now leads the match for roughly half a buy-in.

Daniel Negreanu destroyed Doug Polk last night

Daniel Negreanu's comeback

Yesterday, Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk played 365 hands, boosting the overall count to 1,737. The session lasted about two hours and was commented by Ryan Fee / Andrew Lichtenberger on the Polk's channel, and by Kevin Martin and KakiTee in High Stakes Feud. In the end, Daniel was sitting with $103k at one table and $207k at the other.

Doug Polk comments on the last session of the challenge

Negreanu destroyed Polk and won $206,994, and is the leader of the challenge again for $25,916. Like other sessions, the final result was defined in the last half an hour of the game.

Session Hands Result Winner
1 200 $115,600 Daniel Negreanu
2 424 $216,292 Doug Polk
3 382 $166,239 Doug Polk
4 366 $87,166 Daniel Negreanu
5 365 $206,994 Daniel Negreanu

Full video of the session:

What can I bet on the Doug Polk vs. Negreanu challenge?

The most common bet is who will win the overall match. Today, even after the Negreanu's comeback, the odds are still 5.85 vs. 1.15, or in other words, Polk is a huge favorite to win the challenge: for every one hundred dollars you bet on Negreanu, you will get a profit of $485, while the same bet on Doug will give only $15.

However, for the next session on Monday, the odds are very different:

Who wins money in this session?

  • Daniel: 2,36
  • Doug: 1,65

Session outcome:

  • Daniel wins $1 - $40,000: 7,50
  • Doug Polk wins $1 - $40,000: 6,90

You can also bet on who will be Doug Polk's best man with 41 odds for Daniel Negreanu.

Is the match still interesting for the community?

So far, both players have played 1,737 hands in roughly a week, including a highly promoted face-to-face session of 200 hands. Hence, to complete the full challenge, Daniel and Doug must play for at least 14 more weeks and recall that December is just around the corner, and the contestants will most likely take a well-earned break for the holidays.

Doug Polk comments about the challenge

Phil Galfond battle Venividi for the same number of hands, but on average, they played almost twice the number of hands per session. Still, they played 39 matches throughout three months, and the community continues to watch the games mainly thanks to Galfond's epic comeback of €900,000.

Hence, Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk will need to start playing longer sessions or add more tables if they want to keep people interested in watching the match; otherwise, they could finish the challenge six months later.

Still, if both players keep catching bluffs as in the video below, the audience will keep growing:

Another interesting fact is that Polk's attitude towards the challenge has changed a lot. Before dealing the first hand, he was very aggressive. He assured that he will destroy Daniel Negreanu and he will load a truck with his profits. Now he says, "he may need to trade in the truck for a used Honda Civic" and seems concerned that is Daniel making fewer and fewer mistakes.

Joy Ingram confirms he will cover the Polk vs. Negreanu challenge

Another boost for the match popularity was announced yesterday by Joey Ingram, who confirmed that he will be providing full coverage of the challenge starting next week, accompanied by Landon Tice.

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