Daniel Negreanu: Tilted, challenged, and banned


Every poker player in the world knows who Daniel Negreanu is. The Canadian pro has always been a fun and positive person, but with the start of the WSOP Online, Daniel reminded us that he is human, he got banned from Twitch and as a result. What happened to Negreanu?


Disconnection from WSOP.com

Although Daniel Negreanu is a GGPoker ambassador, he is currently playing the World Series of Poker online at wsop.com from the United States. He started there on July 1, and just like in GGNetwork, players had connection issues. The tournaments were not canceled, but many were not satisfied with those problems.

Among them was our hero, and since he was streaming his game on Twitch, his reaction was captured live. For several minutes Negreanu got tilted speaking in obscene language and making aggressive gestures. It's a miracle that his laptop survived the night in one piece.

Of course, social networks didn't forgive, and the video went viral:

Negreanu himself said that his reaction was reasonable, and he laughs at himself and his comments.

Negreanu Tilted

So far, the series has not been very successful for Daniel, although he has managed to get in the money 15 times in 26 tournaments, he didn't reach any final table, and it's clear that his main goal is a gold bracelet.

We can say that Negreanu's best moment was in event #20 when he busted his old friend Phil Hellmuth with a runner-runner straight. It would have been great to catch Hellmuth's reaction on camera.

Negreanu: Banned from Twitch

Following this hilarious event, Daniel drew attention to a comment that moderators quickly deleted, in which someone insulted his wife. As a result, Negreanu was furious and "attacked" the commentator again with filthy language.

Negreanu vs Phil Hellmuth

Many people were shocked by this violent reaction, and some famous players like Shaun Deeb said Negreanu wasn't the right person to represent poker, highlighting that fact that Twitch banned him for the episode.

Challenged by Doug Polk

Negreanu Challenge

Doug Polk, leader of the failed recall of Las Vegas Mayor, challenged Daniel to a heads-up battle in a new episode of an obsession with him that began many years ago.

Daniel accepted the challenge today, and it will take place online, $200/$400 stakes, 2 simultaneous Hold'em tables.

After the Galfond Challenge, this game will be one of the most interesting matches these days: two legends fighting for honor.

What happened to Negreanu?

Negreanu tweeted that he was going to read a statement, and he began the stream dressed in a formal suit and saying that he regretted the last episode. 

Just as people were buying the trick, he ripped off his clothes to reveal his classic tank-top and asked everyone to forget his apologies because he acted in defense of his wife in a clear fit of anger.

He said that if his ban on Twitch was permanent, so be it, and would keep streaming on other platforms.

Negreanu Suit

All the events described above represent an ordinary person. On the one hand, yes, Daniel is human: he can break down and has the right to his own position, even if someone does not like it.

On the other hand, Negreanu has a special status in the poker community, which is why he is exposed to a lot of criticisms. His actions may even affect newcomers to the industry.

Regardless, Daniel will keep streaming his games, people will keep watching him, and most likely the recent episodes will be just a funny anecdote soon.

You can join Negreanu on GGPoker from August when he will be temporarily moving to Mexico to play WSOP Online from there.

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