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GGNetwork: Real names at high stakes tables

Author: Vargoso Published: 21.05.20

One of the ways to preserve the poker ecosystem and bring the live-game experience to online tables is to ask players to use their real names. Recently, GGNetwork confirmed that they would gradually add this requirement to all games starting at $25/$50 bets.

GGNetwork: Real names at high stakes tables

VIP games with real names

High stakes games in the GGNetwork rooms (GGPokerNatural8, among others) have a special tab in the gaming client: VIP Games.

Private games were recently added, especially after the partnership with King's Resort was signed, and real names were used in some games. But, all other public tables with bets $25/$50+, nicknames are still used.

This situation will not last long. If before, it was difficult to see real names at these tables, today (May 21, 2020), two NLH high stakes tables had players without nicknames.

Soon, their number will only increase as the poker room support checks the high rollers' documents, something recently requested.

Why do we need real names in high stakes games?

The most common reason for this is to increase the level of security. Although expensive games have always received special attention from poker rooms, a pre-verification will help to fight dishonest people.

All other reasons are related to the poker ecosystem, which creates favorable conditions for amateur players. Tables with real names are more like a live game, where players often communicate and behave more correctly. Each opponent is more like a real person and not just a virtual villain.

Surely there will always be people who do not want to share their real data and possibly appear in poker databases. But in recent months, partypoker has proven to be different. Therefore, nicknames will soon disappear in rooms of GGNetwork.

VIP games on GGNetwork

There are three types of high stakes poker tables on the network:

  1. Hold'em — four stakes from NL5k to NL40k. The minimum purchase is 20bb and the maximum ranges from 100bb to 200bb;
  2. Omaha — four stakes from PLO5k to PLO40k. There are options with and without ante. The minimum purchase is similar to Hold'em;
  3. Short Deck — three stakes with an ante of ¥500, ¥1,000, and ¥2,000. The minimum purchase is 50 ante.

The most popular games are NL/PLO5k, and we've recently spotted PLO nosebleed games.

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