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PLO nosebleeds action back to online poker on GG Network

Author: Vargoso Published: 18.06.19

We get nostalgic when we remember the first golden era of online poker when the nosebleed sessions at Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars were regular. Amazing matches with Patrik Antonius, Tom Dwan, Viktor Bloom, Phil Ivey, among others, were gone for good with the Black Friday. But in 2019 the Good Game Network (PokerOK, GGPoker, BetKings Poker) has managed to organize PLO4k-PLO20k tables with incredible action so far.

PLO nosebleeds action back to online poker on GG Network

Featured Tables on the GG Network poker rooms

GG Poker Network tried to host high-stakes games as soon as they reached Europe. For a long time, the highest stakes played were NL1000 and PLO1000, but the software was ready to create private tables with $100/$200 blinds, although the idea was not very welcome at that time, and the tab "Arena" quickly disappeared from the gaming clients.

With the evolution of the network, a new "Featured Table" was highlighted in the lobby, with PLO4k, PLO5k, PLO10k, and PLO20k, and NL5k, NL10k, and NL20k tables visible.

Usually, those tables were only played on weekends, and most of the players just made minimum purchases of 20-25BB, so the action was only with short-stacks. But this suddenly changed recently.

Without any promotion or initiative, the Featured Tables started to have players buying hundreds of thousands of dollars (there is no maximum purchase at the Featured Tables). We have seen players with over $1M stacks (more than 500BB).

The action was incredible and loose thanks to the deep stacks, and often the players used straddle. In the next picture, the pre-flop pot was already over $10,000 due to straddles, and three players went to showdown with the following cards:

A few more examples of the spots we saw during the nosebleed games last Sunday evening. The deep stacks quickly covered the players that sit down at the table with small stacks. On the next hand, the Norwegian player with pocket aces bet almost his entire $20k and eventually lost to the British one who got a second pair in the river:

The largest stake at the table was about over $1M! One player was committed in the flop with a gutshot straight vs. top pair:

Another hand with a massive $500k pot included a bluff by the Asian player "ilsy168" which was called by his opponent:

The action lasted several hours the last Sunday, and on Monday the Featured PLO and NLH Tables were played, but the stack sizes rarely exceeded 150-200BB.

Thanks to the $100,000 Omaha Festival, is very likely that Featured Tables keep available during peak time.


Right now, the GG Network grants the best high-stakes action for PLO players, starting with $20/$40 games that are played daily. Nosebleeds sessions can be expected on weekends.

Please be aware that PLO tables at GG have no cap rake. Therefore, an outstanding rakeback deal is needed to crush the games. Worldpokerdeals guarantees a transparent 50% fixed rakeback deals to all our players; please contact our manager Timofey to get more details.

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