Limitless vs. Fedor Holz: Match results


The highly controversial HU challenge between Wiktor Malinowski and Fedor Holz has come to an end. After 4 sessions, 2,000 hands were played; as a result, the German pro won with a profit of $90,375.


3:1 for Holz

This is the final score for the sessions played in the Wiktor Malinowski vs. Fedor Holz match. Hence, the German's profit grew every day. After winning $37k, the results were:

  • Session 2 — $52,072.
  • Session 3 — $160,268.

Only on the last day, Malinowski managed to win back $69,893. But, as you already know, it did not affect the course of the match:

Fedor Holz won the challenge against Wiktor Malinowski with a $90,374 profit (4,5 buy-ins).

The complete discrepancy between this result and the majority of the viewers' expectations motivated several discussions on the topic: "Why did Limitless lose to an MTT pro?"

Was the match staged?

The first person to claim that the match was staged was Doug Polk. The American decided to stream on the second game day, and after a couple of hours, called what was happening at the tables a "show" and ran a Twitter survey:

Doug Polk asks if the Limitless game was staged

Of course, there are specific reasons for such a conclusion, even though Limitless won back a little on the last day:

But whatever the level of Malinowski's skill is, he is still also a person and can make mistakes; hence, he could not play badly on purpose, and the results could be significantly influenced by the fact that:

  • Wiktor played drunk.
  • In parallel, he played high roller tournaments
  • 2,000 hands are negligible for heads-up.
  • Limitless admitted that $100/$200 is a very stake game for him, he is not very serious about it.

He could have reasons for publicly playing much more relaxed than usual, as well as trying to create an image of himself as a "hot guy," ready for any action, in any condition, against any opponent. Also, although Holz is an MTT specialist, he is not an amateur.

Wiktor has proved he is a strong player in his other challenge against Stefan. Over the past month, its pace has dropped significantly, and reports are infrequent, but the last four sessions were won by Limitless with a profit of almost $150k (without the side bet) and almost halved his gap with his opponent with only 18k hands played out of 50k.

What's next?

No matter how short and strange the match between Wiktor Malinowski vs. Fedor Holz was, it fulfilled its objective. Especially to increase the interest in high-stakes challenges. Many people are getting ready for playing now:

  1. Daniel Negreanu will play live-poker against Phil Hellmuth.
  2. The Galfond Challenge is not over yet.
  3. Bill Perkins is going to play against the young star Landon Tice.
  4. In addition to the match against Stefan, Wiktor Malinowski should have a "meeting with coach Negreanu."
  5. Artur Martirosyan challenged Holz.

The show must go on.

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