Wiktor Malinowski vs. Fedor Holz: Results of the first session


The first session of the HU challenge between Wiktor Malinowski (Limitless) and Fedor Holz ended with a German pro's victory. After 459 hands, Holz won about $37,420 at the $100/$200 stake.


Preparing for the challenge

It took Wiktor Malinowski and Fedor Holz a little more than a week to arrange a high-stakes duel after the German grinder remembered last year's statement by Limitless (back then, the Belarusian said that he was ready to play against Fedor even when drunk).

The GGPoker Network was chosen as the platform for the match with the following terms:

  1. Stake: $100/$200
  2. Starting stacks: 100bb
  3. Tables: 1
  4. Number of hands: 2,000
  5. Sessions: 4, from March 5 to 12
  6. The entire game will be broadcasted live with open cards
  7. Limitless will have to drink on camera

Malinowski confirmed the seriousness of the last point during the first session:

Limitless shows a bottle of wine to play against Fedor Holz

Looking ahead, let's say that he needed two such bottles.

Holz victory

Clearly, this match drew the attention of the community. Several thousands of people watched the live broadcast on Twitch and YouTube. About the same as the Polk vs. Negreanu challenge.

The first session lasted about six hours, and its participants keep their word to play a quarter of the match. But the most unexpected, of course, was the result:

Fedor Holz emerged victorious after the first day of the GG Face-Off Challenge match against Wiktor Malinowski. The profit of the German pro was $37,420 (175bb) after 459 hands.

Recording of the first session of the match between Limitless vs. Fedor Holz

Moreover, after 4 hours of confrontation, the German player was lossing $100k! One of the biggest hands ($18k) involved a full house against a straight by the river. However, the viewers and commentators (Joey Ingram was the host) agreed that Fedor went well overall. Also, Holz was able to make some nice bluffs.

Fedor Holz bluff Limitless

Doug Polk forecast

In the light of the successful game of Fedor Holz, the forecast made for the match by Doug Polk looks interesting:

Doug Polk's forecast on the Malinowski vs. Holz challenge

Many players now agree with Polk. But factors such as alcohol and a low amount of hands can interfere with the match's course. The next session will be played on March 8.

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