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PPPoker and PokerBros join the Spin&Go party

Author: Vargoso Published: 02.08.20

Fast-paced tournaments played at 3-max tables with a random millionaire prize pool are among the most successful formats launched in modern online poker. All the major networks have adapted their version, and in 2020, the leading poker apps decided to jump into the hype and added Spin&Go to their portfolio.

PPPoker and PokerBros join the Spin&Go party

SpinUP — Spin&Go the PPPoker way

SpinUP was in a beta version since the end of 2019; until now, it was only possible to play for gold coins, but these Spin and Go tournaments were recently added in some private clubs. The app has added a new filter for SpinUP, and there are several stakes available with buy-ins from 1 chip.

In terms of the overall structure, PPPoker decided to make some changes to the standard structure:

  • The starting stack is not 500, but 3,000 chips;
  • In the first blind levels the player has 60BB;
  • There is no ante.

Blind structure:

Level Blinds
1 25/50
2 50/100
3 100/200
4 150/300
5 200/400
6 250/500
7 300/600
8 400/800
9 500/1,000
10 600/1,200

There are only seven multipliers. The first three have the same structure as in the principal rooms. For clarity, we have compiled a table comparing the new SpinUP with other poker rooms.

Multiplier Poker Room / Probability
  PPPoker GGPoker Partypoker ($10) Betfair
х2 50,71% 46,49% 43,49% 64,41%
х3 38,79% 44,40% 47,40% 22%
х5 9,892% 8,50% 8,50% 9,534%
х10 0,50% 0,50% 0,50%  
х25 0,10% 0,10% 0,10%  
х100 0,0075%      
х1,000 0,0005%     0,0002%

SpinUP: traffic

The high probability of x2 is more likely since there is no chips charge in SpinUP, which is understood as a fixed fee from the buy-in.

In 50,71% of cases, fees are charged in favor of the site. Players may have a different opinion on this, but we still have to see how the club management reacts to this format.

Since SpinUP is a new game, only a few clubs have added it to their portfolio, so it's still too soon to draw conclusions on traffic.

PokerBROS Spin

PokerBros Spin

The US-focused app PokerBros also decided to start testing Spins in its lobby. Last week, the site added these games to the Gold Lobby tables. To access, visit the Tournaments section, and you'll see the SPIN tab at the top.

Games in progress have moving arrows, and you can check the action in observer mode.

There is nothing groundbreaking in the game, except for having NLH and PLO4 spins, although, at the moment, no information has been disclosed about the multipliers (only the maximum prize pool is known) or probabilities.

The buy-in ranges from 100 gold chips to 5,000 chips. The blinds raise every 2 minutes, and the starting stack is 1,000 chips (instead of the usual 500 chips).

Buy-in Maximum Multiplier
100 2k
500 10k
1000 (NLH and PLO4) 20k
2500 50k
5000 100k

The PokerBROS app will probably test spins for a while before allowing clubs to add this game, although they are unlikely to become famous like in other sites due to the complex structure of clubs and agents.

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