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PPPoker launched Bomb Pot tables

Author: Vargoso Published: 19.12.22

The largest mobile poker room, PPPoker, was the last among similar sites to add the "Bomb Pot" feature. This article will explain all the nuances of this exciting format in the room.

PPPoker launched Bomb Pot tables

Bomb Pot

Usually, the best online poker rooms develop their own games to attract more players. However, some are also "imported" from live games, for example, Mystery Bounty or Short Deck tournaments.

Also among them are the Bomb Pot. For the first time, such a game was recorded in 2009 in the Californian Casino Royale:

More than 10 years later, Winning Poker Network and mobile poker apps began to add such formats.

Features in PPPoker

PPPoker Bomb Pot Table

The classic Bomb Pot is a random pot in which all players place an ante, and the game immediately starts from the flop. Usually, such games are played in Hold'em.

PPPoker launched Bomb Pot tables last week, but with many different features.

  1. Besides Hold'em, such a feature is available in 3-1 Hold'em, all variants of Omaha, and Mixed Games
  2. Players don't pay blinds
  3. There are two different kinds of bomb pots: random (defined by the administrador anywhere from 1BB to 30BB), or fixed, and its amount is shown in the table before the start of the hand

  4. The amount of the ante is determined based on the Bomb Pot and it’s paid by all players (indicated on the table at the beginning of the hand). For example, if the drop is 5BB at a 1/2 table, all players pay 5*2 = 10 as bomb pot ante

According to our observations, the club administrators are adding Bomb Pots to the most popular poker format in the room: 5-card Omaha. Also, the Bomb Pot is not randomly triggered; it's played with a predetermined frequency. At the tables, it's displayed as "1/1 Hands."

Unfortunately, such settings boost the variance too much and deprive Bomb Pot of one of its main features: the randomness of the drop. We hope that random pots can be added to the tables in the future.

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