PPPoker Global League: How to get a $10,000 sponsorship from PPPoker?


The biggest mobile poker room, PPPoker, has decided to grow its ambassador team by adding three new players via a unique PPPoker Global League held in February.


Three ambassador contracts

It's a regular practice that the best poker rooms attract their own players to the role of ambassadors. In 2023, PPPoker will run a promotion to recruit three new representatives:

From February 1 to 26, 2023, two stages of the PPPoker Global League will be held, awarding three sponsorships contracts of $10k, $5k, and $3k to participate in live tournaments representing the room.

To participate, you only need to click on the League banner and select a country when logging into your account.

The announcement of the promotion talks about seasons; hence we can infer this Global League won't be the last one. The first February season consists of two stages:

  1. Qualifying. Throughout the month, points are awarded to the countries' teams that win prizes in tournaments held by clubs.
  2. Final. A global tournament, including the TOP20 players from 20 countries who scored the most points in the previous stage.

Based on the results of both stages, the PPGL Champion country is determined. The top three of its representatives will become ambassadors.

Qualifiers and points

Clubs must fulfill two requirements for MTTs that award points towards the League:

  • The number of participants is at least 50
  • The guaranteed prize pool must be at least 100 buy-ins

Points will be awarded to all ITM players according to the formula: √ (prize fund / final place).

The current leaderboard is available in the PPPoker app (by clicking the League banner in the main lobby).


Registration for the tournament is automatic (400 participants in total). The countries and the players representing them also receive points. The champion is determined by "average points": 

100x (qualifying points of the country / points of the TOP20 countries of the qualifying stage) + 200x (final points of the country / final points of the finalist countries).

To determine which contract will be received by the winning players, the points received in both the qualifying tournaments and the final are considered. The rest of the team players will get Platinum VIP cards and diamonds.

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Benefits of our affiliate service:

  • Top rakeback deal.
  • Free chips transfer between clubs;
  • Multilingual support seven days a week;
  • Chip guarantees
  • Discount in HUD and hand converter;

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