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Challenge your skills with the new Spin & Gold ELO ranking system from GGPoker

Author: Vargoso Published: 02.01.23

Spin&Go players at GGPoker now can know how good they are at the tables, regardless of their bankroll, considering only their skill level and win rate.

Challenge your skills with the new Spin & Gold ELO ranking system from GGPoker

GGPoker introduces an ELO ranking system for Spin&Gold

Competitive games like poker or chess usually have a ranking system to classify the different players. In poker, such rating is usually heavily affected by the player's bankroll, as it's considered that the players that manage to reach the highest stakes are the most skilled ones.

However, the new GGPoker Spin & Gold ELO ranking system considers only the skill and win rate of the players. Hence the highest positions can be achieved even by low-stakes players.

There are seven tier ELO levels:

  • E: 1200 Rating (new players)
  • D: 1500 Rating
  • C: 2000 Rating
  • B: 3000 Rating
  • A: 4000 Rating
  • Master: 5000 Rating
  • Grand Master: TOP 100 ranking

*ELO rating system is a popular ranking method used in zero-sum games, adopted by the World Chess Federation in 1970, and widely used in professional competitive games. Until now, it wasn't used in poker.

Spin&Gold ELO Rating system

The rating is calculated automatically based on the results of your games. You can check your ELO rating in the Spin & Gold Lobby > ELO Rating tab and the villain's class can be seen by clicking on the nickname; under the Smart HUD data, a new section was added with all the Spin & Gold ELO information.

All Spin&Go tables count towards the ELO rating, except for VIP games. For now, the ranking isn't used for anything different than stimulating competition against the best players and giving players more information about their opponents, but in the future, it can be a powerful tool to level the gaming field.

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