Wiktor Malinowski — Runner-up of the Super MILLION$ tournament


The Belarusian high roller Wiktor Malinowski has had a very busy last few days: he was the runner-up in GGPoker's Super MILLION$, was able to win the first session against Stefan, played NL10k against "MunEZ_StaRR," and was challenged by Fedor Holz.


Big tournament

Limitless is mostly known for playing high-stakes cash games, but he is not averse to playing high roller tournaments. This week he managed to reach the heads-up of one of them — Super MILLION$ at GGPoker.

Malinowski qualified for the last day with 4 stacks after making two re-entries ($10,300 each) on the first day. Despite the presence of top pros at the final table (Sam Greenwood, Mikita Badziakouski, Niklas "Lena900" Astedt," Limitless made it to the heads-up. There he was beaten by the Austrian "Ferrariman," who qualified for the tournament via satellite.

Wiktor "Limitless" Malinowski took second place in Super MILLION$ High Roller and won $349,223.

This is his biggest MTT score at GGPoker out of 49 tournaments played in this room.

Limitless second position in Super MILLION$ High Rollers

First positive session against Stefan

As for the Limitless vs. Stefan11222 challenge, the initial pace of the sessions fell off, and in the last ten days, they played only four matches. And the fans know only the results of three of them.

  1. The longest session of 3,050 hands went to Stefan — +$59,554.
  2. The first one won by Limitless — $48,132 after 1,752 hands.
  3. The eight-game day ended with another victory for Stefan — +$94,002 in 2,244 hands.

Hence, Wiktor's only victory did not affect the course of the match.

After 13,471 hands of the Limitless vs. Stefan11222 HU battle, the second one is ahead by $383,959 (excluding the side bet).

Session 8 Limitless vs Stefan

The session played tonight was interrupted because Wiktor had an opportunity to play a higher game ($500/$1,000) against "MunEZ_StaRR" at GGPoker.

Challenge from Holz

Last year, Malinowski said on Ingram's podcast that he was ready to play against Fedor Holz at any rate, even when if he was drunk. The German apparently follows the current challenge of the Belarusian and therefore decided to answer this rather old challenge:

Holz challenge Limitless

So far, however, it's not clear how real this duel is, and, most importantly, who and how will control the degree of intoxication of the participants. But the fact that an MTT professional is ready to challenge Wiktor must annoy him.

The same Stefan11222 recognizes the advantage of Malinowski over Holz but believes that:

"To play a challenge drunk...most likely it will level out the experience and achievements that Limitless has, besides Fedor is one of the most talented players in the world. It will be a great spectacle."

You can feel differently about Wiktor Malinowski, but it's undeniable that he generates massive action around him and fuels interest in poker.

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