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Winning Poker Network (WPN) Manifesto: Trust, Communication, Caring

Author: Vargoso Published: 01.05.21

On the last day of April 2021, the Winning Poker Network (WPN) and its CEO Phil Nagy published a manifesto in which they tried to articulate their values and approaches in their relationships with players.

Winning Poker Network (WPN) Manifesto: Trust, Communication, Caring

WPN Manifesto

In addition to their specific rules (also known as terms and conditions), many poker sites formulate some general guidelines that reflect their goals, values, and principles of interaction with players.

Of course, in practice, those are not always implemented as we would like. However, the creation of such a strategic document suggests that the management is thinking about the community they serve.

Yesterday, Americas Cardroom, on behalf of the entire Winning Poker Network, released a manifesto. Its main motto is a follows:

Trust is money on the table. Our players trust us with their time and money, and we trust each other to do right by our players and our business.

  1. Trust comes from the rules of the game: everyone follows the same rules, even if it costs money. Fair play always means there are winners and losers. Trying to make everyone happy leads to foul play.
  2. Trust comes from open and honest communication: for this purpose, the network has created a public roadmap, and all updates on it are discussed via forums, which can be accessed by clicking on the link in the client.
  3. Trust comes from caring about the same things: the network team wants to receive from the players the same attitude that they give them. Conflicts, in their opinion, are always a symptom of mismatching goals; hence, when resolving them, it's necessary to find out what results both sides are striving for.

Phil Nagy vs. GGNetwork

The head of the network also discussed a more specific topic and made some strong comments about GGPoker Network and their real names policy at high-stakes tables (although they started this process about a year ago, it has sped up recently).

In general, Phil is categorically against such practices and calls such a policy "self-serving". He believes that competitors are trying to use the names of famous players for their own free advertising in this way. He also stated that:

"Displaying a player's real name at the tables isn't going to increase safety and trust. Sharing this information with the public is simply an invasion of privacy and changes nothing. What's worse is that nobody actually agreed to this policy when signing up in the first place."

Nagy suggests creating similar tables and tournaments, but only as an alternative and with players' consent. Only "over his dead body" Phil would embrace such a policy on WPN.

Inherited bankroll

Bankroll Beneficiares on Winning Poker Network

Another curious news from WPN concerns a new unique option in the client.

On June 30, 2021, the Bankroll Beneficiaries function will be added to the platform, which will allow you to withdraw the cash from the room in the event of a player's death or complete loss of access to their accounts.

This peculiar "poker testament" works as follows:

  1. The player sets the time of inactivity of his account with which this feature is triggered and adds wallets of his friends and relatives (you can specify several wallets with a distribution of your bankroll to each of them).
  2. The network tries to contact the player 30 days before the specified deadline, and if he does not answer, all money from the account is automatically sent according to the instructions.

The idea, of course, is interesting, but will it be abused by scammers, thus getting the opportunity to withdraw money from abandoned accounts? How are the developers going to deal with such cases? We will find out in the summer.

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