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Are Wild Cards a solution for RTA?

Author: Vargoso Published: 03.11.20

In the second half of 2020, players and poker room representatives started talking about solutions to fight Real-Time Assistance (RTA) and bots. Recently, Winning Poker Network came up with a controversial idea — change the game format by adding two "wild cards."

Are Wild Cards a solution for RTA?

Wild Cards and Real-Time Assistance (RTA)

Winning Poker Network posted a thread on a public forum with a controversial idea to fight RTA and bots:

"An idea for this is wild cards. For example, the red twos are wild cards. This keeps the game similar in format; however, no solutions or software exist for such a format. Also, wild cards are generally enjoyed by recreational players."

Reference: Wild Cards is a casino term for unique cards that can replace any other card or symbol in the deck. When applied to card games, the term "joker" is more familiar.

WPN believes that this feature will help to solve the problem as it will "eliminate all the work done by bots and RTA" and, at the same time, avoid false positives (which can be common because RTA can be a human with two computers).

At first, the site proposes to try the game during one day of the week in all poker formats.

Reactions from the poker community

It's easy to assume that this idea got negative feedback. Some players just joked that it will be easier to add a couple of jokers to the deck with a photo of Phil Nagy (WPN CEO), but most of them exposed the following arguments against the proposal.

Playing with "wild cards" will cease to be poker as everyone knows it, as it will top the scales towards luck. Players will simply leave the network.

  1. Trackers will also stop working in wild-card pots because the game will follow different rules;
  2. The initiative will not appeal to amateur players either because they go online to play classic poker and not some kind of casino game.

In other words, poker players believe that adding wild cards to fight RTA and bots will be a real "online poker killer." We hope that the network management will listen to their opinion and, if they implement this idea then only as an independent game.

How to deal with RTA and bots?

Recently, WPN has used various ways to combat cheaters: video recordings of gaming sessions, constant changes in the fonts of the client, and restriction on changing graphic files.

For many players, a real solution for RTA and bots is to record a session with a 360-degree view of the game place and then compare the game styles without recording.

It is clear that this is a complex solution that requires time and effort from the player and the fair-game team. Therefore, it would be crucial to find ways to simplify and automate such video checks.

How else do you think you can fight the use of Real-Time Assistance and bots?

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