GGPoker vs. Real-Time Assistance (RTA)


GGNetwork has always been defined as an amateur-friendly site, and many measures have been implemented to level the playing field and preserve the poker ecosystem. Recently, the German pro Fedor Kruse was accused of using Real-Time Assistance (RTA) on the site, and today the network shared his view on the matter.


GGPoker and poker pros in 2020

GGPoker has reached the headlines many times this year. Besides the massive events held this year, some news was related to public complaints of blocked accounts and seized funds. The most popular one what the Tobias Duthweiler, who said that $180k was taken from him after "doing nothing wrong."

After the case went viral, GGNetwork referred to it, and defined "the good pro, the regular pro, and the bad pro" and offered an olive branch to previously banned players.

Even Duthweiler applied, and now it is common to see him in the NL5k tables. It worth saying that GGPoker returned the access but not the seized funds, and still, many grinders decided that is was EV+ to keep playing there.

GGNetwork vs. Real-Time Assistance (RTA)

The Fedor Kruse RTA case is still on fire. Many pros and podcasts have been devoted to study the situation, and now GGPoker, one of the sites where he played, shared the headlines of their battle against Real-Time Assistance.

Reference: To GGNetwork, Real-Time Assistance is any kind of external tool (a software, a printed chart, a GTO strategy, etc.) that helps a grinder play beyond his limits and reach almost a "perfect game."

According to GGNetwork, they "re-dedicated their efforts to combating RTA and improved their internal processes." They can now establish whether GTO (game theory optimal) poker play has occurred, and then they check to determine if RTA was involved.

They highlight that RTA is detectable and won't be allowed under any circumstance and that they have the support of some of the brightest poker minds (Fedor Holz, for example).

GGPoker confirmed that 13 accounts have been banned, and over one million dollars were seized and will be returned to the affected players.

Also, 27 accounts were banned with no confiscation, and 40 players received warnings. 

Fairplay report tool

Fairplay report tool at GGPoker

A new tool was implemented by GGNetwork to allow players to report any suspicious activity that they witness at the tables. Reports can be submitted directly at the tables (via hand history) or via Pokercraft.

The tool also includes what kind of cheating was identified. GGPoker highlights that they will not release investigation reports and count on the poker community's full support.

Our view

It's clear that Real-Time Assistance is not allowed at any poker site, and even tools that are now allowed at PokerStars or other rooms will be banned soon. Charts, even developed by yourself, are also considered an RTA and should be avoided.

Our recent stud on terms and conditions proved that all poker networks are taking steps towards leveling the playing field and fighting any kind of "unfair advantage."

The poker world has changed. Although GGNetwork is taking the lead on the subject, almost all sites have banned bot accounts and are actively investing money and human resources to fight artificial intelligence, solvers, and other threats.

GGPoker makes a great effort to make online poker a better place. They do make mistakes on their way, but in the end, their intentions are positive. We dislike their non-transparent rake system and unstable T&C policies. But they move the industry, and overall — everyone will follow in the future.

GGPoker is the home of some of the most expensive games now, and known pros like Linus Loeliger, Fedor Holz, and Wiktor Malinowski play there, so it's granted that they will have plenty of work to do, as Linus or even Fedor are well known GTO players and coaches.

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