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Best poker rooms for microstakes in 2021

Author: Vargoso Published: 28.07.21

When choosing a poker room, newcomers should do so with extreme caution. A well-chosen room is essential for climbing up the stakes and starting a profitable poker career. In this post, we will look at the requirements that should be followed in the first place and offer a quick summary of the best rooms for playing at micro stakes in 2021.

Best poker rooms for microstakes in 2021

The main criteria for choosing a room

There is no such thing as "field softness" up to and including the NL10 stake. The micro-stakes field is the same in the best poker sites. And you'll have to compete not only with other regulars but also with a large micro-stake rake! The most essential thing for you to do here is to get out of this "swamp" as fast as possible.

So, first and foremost, you should pay attention to the rake and rakeback levels. The lower the rake, the better. The higher the rakeback, the better. Preference should be given to rooms with a fixed rakeback. Loyalty programs that require you to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to reach certain monthly and yearly levels, and to continuously hold them are not the greatest alternative.

Don't underestimate the importance of table selection, even when the stakes are minimal! You should choose rooms with such technical capabilities. Try to sit in the best place with regards to “fish”. Your win rate will improve as a result. The madman on the right has the ability to skyrocket your earnings every session!

HUD support is great when it’s available. However, as the practice has shown, it is possible to make money without using a HUD. The key is to take notes and use color tags.

Last but not least, if you play at micro stakes, you are most likely not a pro yet. Perhaps you combine poker with your job or school, play solely in your spare time, and are unwilling to grind at night. In this case, select rooms with high traffic for the majority of the day.

TOP Rooms for Microstakes in 2021


  • Rake - 5% with caps from $ 0.20 at NL2 up to $2 at NL25.
  • Rakeback - micro-stakes players, on average, can count on rakeback from 15% to 35% via the Fish Buffet loyalty program + value from participation in leaderboards.
  • HUD support - no, but there is a built-in SmartHUD that displays the player's VPIP in the current session. You can download hand history and upload it to trackers.
  • The traffic is huge: around 100 tables are collected at each micro-stake.

GGPoker is a skin of the Asian network GGNetwork. In terms of traffic, it has currently surpassed PokerStars. The network's primary goal is to recruit recreational players. Regulars will be fine as long as they don’t breach any rule. At the tables, there are a lot of amateurs from Asian countries. Their style of play is unusual, as it is both relaxed and aggressive. There is no such thing as peak hours in this client. During the day, most of the participants are from Asian countries, but in the evening, Europe dominates.


  • Rake - from 6.25% at NL2 up to 5% at NL25, caps are 4$ everywhere (if the pot involved more than two players).
  • Rakeback is minimal, on average a regular can count on 1-5%.
  • HUD support - poker trackers work in the room without restrictions.
  • Traffic is high, during peak hours 400-600 players in total gather at micro-stake tables.

888Poker is one of the most established and dependable poker rooms. They dislike regulars, yet there are no cases of bans without a reason. 888poker holds a variety of promos to entice amateur gamers! Actually, the field is mostly made up of casuals, which more than makes up for the relatively large rake and the almost total absence of rakeback. It has good traffic. The room is always among the top 10 most popular poker clients. At micro stakes, there is a lot of action. The peak hour is in the evening GMT since the majority of the players at the tables are amateurs from European nations.


  • Rake - 1% with a cap of €1 at NL4, 3% with a cap of € 2 at NL10, and 5% with a cap of €3 at NL25.
  • Rakeback - from 8% according to the new loyalty system. Micro-stake players will be able to have a maximum of 20% return.
  • HUD support - does not work, there are no converters, hand history cannot be downloaded. The new VIP status grants access to personal statistics. The level of detail depends on the level of the player.
  • Traffic is high at micro stakes. It is lower than 888poker, but still enough to make Unibet your main playground.

Unibet is one of the world's largest independent poker rooms. Everything here is done to make amateur players as comfortable as possible! Regulars will be disappointed by the lack of HUD and table-select. They will, nevertheless, be delighted with the lowest rake at micro stakes in the whole online poker business!


Each of the aforementioned rooms has high traffic and is suited for the role of the main room for playing. Unibet offers the lowest rake, GGPoker has a lot of action at all times, and 888poker will be a choice for regulars who aren't ready to play without a HUD.

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