Softest poker sites 2024


Everyone wants to play at fishy poker tables. Amateurs feel safe playing with non-highly skilled players, and pros love to exploit their weaknesses. Although many says this is an impossible task in 2024, our scout team has devoted time to exposing the softest poker sites of our times.


Which online poker sites have the most fish?

You guessed it right. It's not easy to find the fishiest online poker site. All poker rooms want their tables filled only with casual players, but even with the strictest ecology rules, pros also belong to the ecosystem. This article exposes the easiest ones:

  • Betonline Poker Logo
    Chico Poker Network
    • Bitcoins accepted
    100% up to $1,000
  • Clubgg Logo
    • Mobile poker app
    up to 65%
  • Pppoker Logo
    • Mobile poker app
    up to 50%
  • Shenpoker Logo
    IDNPoker Network
    • Network's best skin
    up to 200%
    up to 30%
  • Ggpoker Logo
    GG Network
    • Bitcoins accepted
    100% up to $600
    up to 60%
  • 888 Poker Logo
    888 Poker
    • No Deposit bonus
    • Good for beginners
    100% up to $1,000
    up to 12,5%

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RankPoker SiteBonus
up to $600
up to $1000
up to 50% rakeback
up to 25% rakeback
up to $1000


GGNetwork (GG Poker and Natural8) claimed the throne as the world's largest network in 2021. Surprisingly, their tables are not only heavily populated but also remain one of the softest on the market. Why? The Security and Ecology policy makes the platform friendlier for newcomers, not to mention the influx of Asian fish.


Although many don't even know about them, IDNPoker is the third largest network in the world. They are an Asian-biased site which explains the massive traffic and its soft games. A complex room with low to high stakes traffic only at cash games, you'll find plenty of fish at the tables if you are adventurous enough to grind here.


PPPoker (and other club-based apps) have grown significantly in the past years, thanks to an agent model that attracts players from live venues and local clubs. Many amateurs find such platforms friendlier for mobile gaming, and our customers enjoy unique promotions and expert customer service.

Chico Poker Network

Chico Poker Network (Tigergaming, Betonline, and Sportsbetting) is an old US-friendly network with soft games across cash games and tournaments, including 9-max games. Their secret is to combine casino games and sports betting with their poker offer.


888Poker is one of the most known representatives of the "pro-amateur" movement. They have designed a complex bonus system involving luck and effort. It's one of the oldest on the market, making it one of the most trustable too.

How do we identify fishy poker sites?

We have always believed that players should only worry about playing, and we take care of the rest. This is also true for selection, which can be exhaustive. Here's how we create our fishy poker rooms ranking:

  • Sportbook or casino

    Many people consider poker a mental game. However, many others just play to chill after placing some bets in the casino or after winning some money from a boxing fight. They play cards for fun and are usually called "casual players" or fish. The influx of such gamblers is crucial for the ecosystem as they guarantee the games will be enjoyable for everyone.
  • Mobile app

    A user-friendly mobile app is crucial for any site that wants to attract casual players to make their games soft. Playing from a gadget (smartphone, tablet) is a worldwide trend: many prefer playing on the bus, sitting on a couch, or just lying on the bed. 
  • Attitude towards fish

    The poker room must devote enough time and resources to make its platform friendly for casual players. This includes adding features that make the games more enjoyable (like throwing emojis), restricting predatory tools, and balancing the tables with regs and casuals.
  • Third-party software

    Massive regs are known for using any tool they can to exploit the tables. The site must look out for the games to stop using any illegal tool giving an unfair advantage (bot, Real-Time Assistance, among others), and at the same time, decide whether to fully restrict trackers and HUDs or allow them partially.
  • Exciting promotions

    Direct rakeback only benefits hardcore grinders. A room must design fun and profitable VIP program to reward all players. Fish enjoy more lottery-type promotions or missions, while regs can still have some fixed bonuses for their effort. Freerolls are also crucial in this task.

There are other essential aspects, such as the geographic focus of the site (for example, Asians and Americans are well-known for their action-packed style), so if you want further advice, we recommend you reach our customer service.

What is a casual player?

As we have said above, casual players (or fish) are crucial for a online poker. But what are they? Overall, casuals play poker for pleasure.

So, what's the difference between a shark and a fish in poker?

A shark constantly works to improve his game, understand the complex mathematical background, and train a lot out of the tables. His main objective in poker is to win money. 

On the other hand, a fish plays only for fun, knowing only some basic rules. His main goal in poker is to have fun and probably make some money.

How can you spot a fish at a table? Here are some tips:

  1. If you can use tracking software, just check basic stats like VPIP, fold to cbet, etc.
  2. Pay attention to betting sizes and how many hands the player enters. Casuals tend to play much more hands.
  3. Check out the stacks. Regs tend to refill their stack to the top instantly.

Summary: benefits of playing on fishy poker sites

Fishy poker sites are suitable for everyone in the industry: players, rooms, affiliates, etc. Pros can deploy their strategy to win in the long term while casuals enjoy friendly conditions.

Attracting casuals to the tables isn't easy, so those highlighted as the most "fishy ones" have done (and keep doing) a fantastic job in creating soft fields for everyone.


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