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Cheating scandal: Dan Bilzerian accuses Jungleman of ghosting

Author: Vargoso Published: 26.05.20

Although Bill Perkins isn't a poker player per se, he became famous when he reached the final table of the Triton Million. But, two days ago, he was trending topic on Twitter due to a comment denouncing a cheating scandal that involving "poker heroes." Dan Bilzerian confirmed the facts and accused Sinab Taled of cheating him, Perkins, and other players.

Cheating scandal: Dan Bilzerian accuses Jungleman of ghosting

Bill Perkins denounces a cheating scandal in poker

On May 23, Bill Perkins shocked the poker world with one tweet where he denounced a massive poker cheating scandal involving famous pros and "heroes." 

Bill Perkins Twitter

A few minutes later, he confirmed that Jason Koon "who was tempted and acted in integrity." Perkins refused to give more details, but shared some data about the situation:

  • Game: Private:
  • App: download for friends (later confirmed as FunOcean);
  • Cheating: pros playing for fish account;
  • Participants: # unknown now;
  • Investigation: ongoing;
  • Evidence: confession/physical.

Perkins confirmed that the cheaters circumvented the software with Team Viewer in an invite-only $500/$1,000 game and that "at least 20 people know". Many poker personalities like Phil Galfond or Rob Yong jumped into the talk, saying they were not involved in the scandal.

Cryptically, Perkins said that the "top 7 pros in the world" had something to do with the scandal. The poker community began a long discussion thread on 2+2 and other forums, but it was all gossip until today that Dan Bilzerian continued the story.

Dan Bilzerian accuses Sina Taleb and Daniel "Jungleman" Cates of ghosting

Dan Bilzerian Twitter

Today Dan Bilzerian accused Sina Taleb of cheating him, Perkins, and other players on the poker app Fun Ocean by having Daniel "Jungleman" Cates play on his account, a practice known as ghosting.

There is no information about who Taleb is, although Bilzerian shared a picture of him.

A few hours later, Bilzerian, who has almost 1,7 million followers, deleted the tweet, but now everyone is talking about it. Jungleman quickly replied that he wouldn't argue due to "legal reasons," but that he has never played a poker hand against Bilzerian. 

Cates admitted there was "rampant ghosting" on the site and more information will be released soon.

More data will surely be revealed in the coming days. In the meantime, if you want to play with real fishes or even against Bilzerian or Joey Ingram, you can reach our team to get an account on Kingsclubpkr or PPPoker and other apps:

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