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Chico Poker Network has restricted table selection and scripting

Author: Vargoso Published: 20.10.21

The US-friendly Chico Poker Network has rolled out a new update. As of now, the nicknames of the players at the tables will look anonymous for observers. Also, the poker client has become entirely invisible to any screen capture programs.

Chico Poker Network has restricted table selection and scripting

Anonymity is the new black

It has long been no secret for most of our readers that poker rooms are trying to make sure that casual players feel very comfortable at their tables. Therefore, there is an intentional fight against the bumhunt and the table selection.

On October 19, 2021, the Chico Poker Network implemented the feature that anonymizes players' nicknames at cash game tables until the big blind was posted.

The ability to view tables from the lobby was removed a long time ago, and now it's time for another popular way to complicate table selection - observer mode limitation. Over the past two years, it has been implemented by the WPN and iPoker networks. 

At the very end of this summer, we learned that a similar feature can be utilized by Connective Games software. Back then, it functioned in cash games at Pokerdom. However, anonymity lasted for only a few days. 

Scripts won't work?

Regulars played here almost without any rake back, but for the sake of a soft field. It is clear that now it will be much more difficult for them to use the "playing the player" strategy. Moreover, the implementation of the "Anonym" nicknames is not the only new feature:

Chico Network poker clients have become "invisible" for any software that reads graphic information from the screen.

This was most likely done because of the negative experience of other poker networks: it turned out that the restriction of the observer mode cannot completely "break" the seating scripts, nullifying developers' efforts against those who use such prohibited software.

Chico vs. streamers?

Only time can tell how effective this method is, but it already has one very unpleasant consequence:

Along with the scripts, the new feature has affected OBS, Skype, etc. It means that the players can't stream their poker games online or even take a screenshot of a table.

Whether there is any "Solomon solution" in this situation, we will find out in the coming days. But the fact that the field of the network's poker rooms should become even softer and more favorable for casual players is definitely clear already now.

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