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GG Poker Network's public roadmap: multi-tabling limitations and more

Author: Vargoso Published: 22.09.19

GG Poker Network is becoming one of the most innovative poker networks on the market. Its strategy of offering lottery-type promotions and massive tournament series to maintain the poker ecology was given stunning results as Good Game is the largest network in the world and nowadays ranks 3 in the PokerScout list. The latest innovation was to make public their roadmap, which includes several changes to the games in the future.

GG Poker Network's public roadmap: multi-tabling limitations and more

GG Poker Network public roadmap

A few weeks ago GG Poker network decided to make public a Trello board including information about the development of their software and expansion plans; the roadmap includes:

  • Past releases since April 2019;
  • Current promotions;
  • Next maintenance activities;
  • In development activities;
  • Planning;
  • Suggestions.

The past releases and current promotions tab include everything that GG Poker network has launched including promotions, tournament series, software tweaks, new markets added, etc.

GG Poker network to limit the number of simultaneously played reg cash tables to 4

The most crucial novelty is included in the "Next Maintenance" board, that consists of a 4 table limit to all cash games (tournament tables won't be limited), following the steps of other sites like PokerStars or Bodog. This will drastically change the game experience of players and is clearly an action-focused in maintaining the poker ecology.

Other planned changes are:

  • MBP will be rebranded as Zodiac;
  • Cash Drops rakeback will be reduced from 65% to 50% (although Cash Drops will now be a part of Fish Buffet so in theory, the final result won't change);
  • HTML5 client will be rolled out;
  • Blackjack and Baccarat (casino games) will be added to the game client.

Downloadable hand-history and spins on GG Poker network

Other plans can be seen in the "In Development," "Planning," and "Ideas & Suggestions" tabs, including:

  • Short Deck/6+ Hold'em (with a launching promotion);
  • All-in or Fold mini-game;
  • Downloadable hand-history;
  • New Jackpot Sit&Go tournaments (spins);
  • Tournament delayed sit-in;
  • MTT schedule revamps (over $20M in monthly guarantees);
  • 5 Card Omaha and Pineapple OFC;

6+ Hold'em was confirmed as not a priority to the network in a past interview, and offering a downloadable hand-history will be much appreciated by regs and poker students that need this data to make offline sessions to improve their game.

In the past, GG Poker network had a complex spin&go format which was deleted due to low traffic, but being one of the most popular formats of the moment is very missed in the GG skins.


By making public its roadmap GG Poker network is trying to connect more with its players. As usual, some novelties will be warmly received by regs (downloadable hand history, spins, increases in MTT guarantees), some will create controversy (the cap of cash games tables) and amateurs will have more promotions and reasons to join the network.

Considering the current status of the poker industry, where the financial results are not being good even for the largest networks, it's reasonable to see such changes in a poker network. Unlike other companies like The Stars Group and partypoker, poker is the core business of GG Poker network, and its actions are according to this reality.

After the next maintenance, we will see the results of the new GG Poker network strategy, but it seems that some changes like restricting multi-tabling are just inevitable for the future of the poker industry. Nevertheless, Worldpokerdeals still offers an amazing rakeback deal on GG Poker network; please contact our support team to get more information:

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