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Jason Koon: new GGPoker Global Ambassador

Author: Vargoso Published: 06.10.21

GGTeam has more than doubled this year. The latest member was presented in Las Vegas. Jason Koon became the new global ambassador of the network.

Jason Koon: new GGPoker Global Ambassador

Security ambassador

Currently, GGTeam can rightfully be called the largest team pro among all online poker rooms. It fully corresponds to the position of the GGNetwork in the rankings. Recently the team received another valuable addition:

Jason Koon became the fifth global ambassador of the largest poker network.

He is primarily known as a regular participant in the most expensive live tournaments. Jason has won $32,593,061 during his career. 

Just a reminder: a few months ago, Jason ended his partnership with partypoker. Koon's presentation was held live at the World Series in Vegas, where he was congratulated by Daniel Negreanu. But his only mission during these 3 years was to wear the partypoker badge at live poker events.

There was a more "serious" job prepared for the high roller this time. The press release relates to "general website security, game integrity and protection of VIP games." It turned out that for the past six years, Jason has thoroughly studied the various types of online poker AI. 

Other GGTeam Updates

Whatever Jason Koon does at his new job, he is already the second US player out of five Global Team ambassadors. It clearly indicates the unique attitude of GGNetwork to this market, at which it currently operates only via the ClubGG app.

Along with this new signing, there have been other additions to the team in recent months:

  1. Content Creators Team. Its current members are YouTube star "Greg Goes All In" and Richard Shales, who was transferred from the Omaha Team. The main goal of these guys is to create entertainment content related not only to poker.
  2. Community Partners. Their mission is to work with communities to expand our favorite game. So far, they have the only such partner - Fantastic Ladies In Poker, led by Daiva Byrne.
  3. Team Champions. The Swede entered the team by winning the WSCOP Main Event. It was announced at the beginning of this year, but its first member, Niklas "lena900" Astedt, was recently named. Alexey "Fiat" Vandyshev is expected to join him soon.

It's pretty obvious that the network attempts to establish partnerships with any public figures from around the world who have at least some relation to the game of poker. 

Whether GGNetwork would succeed in overcoming the competitors or even restoring the global status of online poker, we should find out in the coming years. What do you think, is there any point for poker networks in establishing such a large team of ambassadors and partners?

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