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PokerBros launched Mixed Games

Author: Vargoso Published: 14.10.21

The innovation race between the leading mobile poker platforms continues. Its current leader this year, PokerBros, just added Mixed Games to its portfolio. Their main feature is the ability to alternate up to 22 poker variants at the same table! Let's try to figure out the reasons to implement such formats and the basic principles of the gameplay.

PokerBros launched Mixed Games

All poker variants at one table!

Apparently, the Poker Bros is not going to slow down this year in terms of expanding the range of available games. Just two months after the launch of Pineapple and Crazy Pineapple, they rolled out another update:

The top clubs of this mobile platform now have a new "Mixed" tab for Mixed Games tables.

Unlike Upoker and other competitors, PokerBros decided to go an extra mile instead of merging two of the four available poker variants. So what is the main highlight of this new game?

Well, here, you can mix absolutely any number of poker variants, from 2 to 22! In addition to the tables with different combinations of Hold' em and Omaha variants, we could find, for example, PLO6 Mixed Games. And the latter were the most expensive ones. So club administrators can create almost any poker "hybrid" by the players' demands. This happened mainly because many new games have appeared at PokerBros during 2021.

How does the game change process work?

PokerBros Mixed Games

A full description of the formats at a specific Mixed table can be found by clicking on the notepad icon in the upper right corner. The rules by which they replace each other are set during the table creation process. There are 4 options available:

  1. Random – the name speaks for itself. This option triggers if the player does not make his choice in time.
  2. Sequential – starting from the top of the list, from left to right.
  3. By Dealer – at the choice of the player on the button.
  4. By Winner – the decision goes to the player who wins the last hand. In the case of the split pot, the player with the largest stack chooses the next game.

Whichever of these 4 options is chosen, the frequency of changing games could be set from 1 to 20 hands.

What if Mixed Games are not your thing?

Mixed tables at PokerBros

The main goal of Mixed Games at PokerBros is to attract and retain US players, who currently form the basis of the local player pool and are used to playing similar games live.

In addition, these games allow the ones who are used to live games to avoid multi-tabling while playing all their favorite games at the same table.

It is clear that such formats should not be expected to attract a lot of participants, but still, their addition would be positive for those who prefer classic games. The more choices a casual player has and the more these choices meet their interests, the better for the traffic and the softness of the field. And there is no doubt that Mixed Games would be much appreciated by some US players at PokerBros.

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