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PokerStars: All-in Sit & Go and Throwing Objects

Author: Vargoso Published: 14.02.20

After the deployment of the new Aurora Client in Denmark and the .com pool, PokerStars decided to try new changes with the European reservations. The Spaniards got All-in Sit & Go, and the Italians got a new package of animations at the table.

PokerStars: All-in Sit & Go and Throwing Objects

Is PokerStars going "Chinese"?

PokerStars decided to push the development of Aurora in early 2020:

But the market leader didn't stop there, and in early February, Italian players got an update that added adding the possibility of throwing objects at opponents:

PokerFuse Video

888Poker was a pioneer in such a functionality, and today it's widely used in real money poker apps, especially Chinese ones. partypoker also added it to its new mobile client (which is under development right now).

PokerStars jumped into the hype, and the Aurora engine now allows this feature, which is being tested at 6+ Hold'em tables in Italy.

A horseshoe icon is added next to the player's nickname and a drop-down window that shows the items available for throwing. Each item has a "cooldown" time.

New casino-poker game at PokerStars.es

Spanish players have a new SnG format in the lobby, although it should be located under the casino tab.

All-in Sit & Go is essentially a casino game. In it, the players at the table (from 2 to 8) go automatically all-in in each hand. We have seen these tournaments before (mainly on GGNetwork) but as a reward for completing tasks, bonuses, or freerolls. But, for tournaments with a buy-in, it's non-poker. 

A similar format of spins is available in sites that use Connective Games software (TigerGaming, Pokerdom).

Of course, the Spaniards didn't receive this game well, and the lobby seems empty so far, but such initiatives puzzled all the players.

Although it's clear that PokerStars is turning into a casino company that offers poker games, it's still unknown if such games will be rolled out for global players. Stars usually test games in small reservations, and many die there. 

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