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Rake comparison in PokerMaster and major poker networks

Author: Vargoso Published: 15.07.18

Rake is one of the most important concepts to know about when you play poker. It's the commission or tax you must play to the poker room for organizing the game (this applies both to online and live poker).

Rake comparison in PokerMaster and major poker networks

Why is the rake important? It can be the difference between being a winning player or just playing for fun. Knowing about the detailed rake structure of the poker room you are playing is crucial because you can be winning at the tables but the rake can be higher than your profits.

You probably have heard about PokerMaster. Is the most famous Chinese poker mobile application, the flagship of the Asian poker boom. Usually, a regular poker room like PokerStars or PokerKing takes a small % of the money in the pot as the rake, usually from 3% to 5%, with a CAP (a limit to the money taken from the pot). It doesn't matter if you win or lose, if you put money in the pot, you are paying rake.

But PokerMaster has a different rake system. If you win at the tables, you pay rake; if you lose at the tables, you will pay no rake. This can be compared to the income tax in some countries: in you win more, you are going to pay more. Some players think that playing in PokerMaster is too expensive because of this model.

In this article, we are going to cover one of the most popular questions: is the rake in PokerMaster too high? Can the games in PokerMaster be profitable? Let's deep study the subject:

Professional poker players use a metric for the rake paid at the tables: bb/100, this meaning how much money counted as big blinds are you paying in rake for every 100 hands played, no matter the results at the tables. Your bb/100 win rate must be higher than the bb/100 rake to beat the rake of your current stake. Rake counted as bb/100 is different for every player, usually, loose players pay more rake than tighter players.

Rake bb/100 - 6-Max No Limit Hold'em
Stake / Network Winning Poker Network PartyPoker iPoker PokerStars
NL50 7,25 7,31 7,65 7,27
NL100 6,54 6,46 6,79 5,61
NL200 5,14 5,08 4,88 3,98
NL400 3,66 3,69 3,49 2,67
NL600 2,76 2,79 2,92 2,35
NL1000 1,92 1,9 1,91 1,98

Rake bb/100 average in 6-max tables - Major poker networks

This is the scenario in the major poker networks: at the lower stakes, the rake is high compared to higher stakes, and this is because of the rake cap: if the rake cap is set to 3$, that would be 6 big blinds in NL50 but only 0,5 big blinds in NL600. Also, another important conclusion can be made here: you must achieve a minimum win rate at each level to be considered a winning player; for example, 2,7bb/100 is the minimum win rate you must reach in NL600, otherwise the rake is beating you. 

Net win rate comparison in PokerMaster vs. Regular poker network in NL600

The net win rate is affected for several factors: the rake paid, the rakeback, any commissions paid, promotions. In this scenario, we are considering the rake paid and some random winning rates. Just a note, a very good poker player in a regular poker network can be between 15bb/100 and 10bb/100. At the Asian poker rooms like PokerMaster, these winning rates are not that uncommon.

Rake bb/100 comparison - PokerMaster vs. Regular poker network (win rate 20bb/100)


  • The rake in PokerMaster can be considered lower than the rake in major poker networks. This doesn't mean that playing in PokerMaster is significantly cheaper because other factors must be considered as cashout fees, coins reload, etc. 
  • In PokerMaster you only pay rake if you win money at the tables, therefore if you are experiencing a downswing you will pay 0 rake.
  • If you are playing in a regular poker network, the rake you pay is affected by your game style, the number of hands played and the stake you are playing. In PokerMaster, the rake you pay is affected by your stake and your win rate.

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