WPT launches an NFT poker club


For the second time in a year, World Poker Tour attempts to use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for its promotion. Recently, there was news on their website about the imminent launch of Poker Heroes Club in collaboration with the blockchain developer Gamavrs as part of the new WPT Global application using NFT avatars. What are this project's main features, and how can it affect online poker? We will try to figure it out in this article.


What is Poker Heroes Club?

Last April, we touched on the topic of NFTs for the first time when WPT decided to use these tokens to sell a series of digital images to fans in the form of unique in-game videos and collectible cards. Less than a couple of weeks ago, partypoker also announced the creation of their own NFT collection. Virtue Poker used such tokens as tournament tickets.

Recently, WPT announced the launch of a more global blockchain project:

From mid-February 2022, unique NFT avatars for The Poker Heroes Club will be created as part of the new WPT Global poker app.

Currently, we have the following information about their features:

  1. The tokens are developed by Gamavrs based on the Polygon (MATIC) network. All Ethereum-based crypto wallets (MetaMask, Trust, or Coinbase) are supported.
  2. A total of 9,999 tokens are planned to be minted. They will be divided into three types: people (60%), cyborgs (30%), and gods (10%). The first 250 of them will go on sale in mid-February, the rest ones - from March 1. You can buy these tokens only on the developer's website via the Gama wallet.
  3. It will be possible to trade tokens on any secondary market, such as OpenSea, which supports the ERC-721 token protocol and the Polygon blockchain.
  4. The main purpose of the tokens is to be avatars of players in the new WPT Global app, which is not launched yet. Most likely, it will be a new version of the Club WPT app - a social poker game with real prizes from the brand for participating in promotions and completing missions.
  5. Everyone who buys avatars will become a member of a premium community - Poker Heroes Club. Depending on the token type, it will grant their owners access to the following privileges: a $100,000 freeroll, "sponsored seats" at WPT Global, private Discord channel, exclusive tables with celebrities, and WPT Live VIP events.

Thus, WPT uses NFTs in poker games as a modern version of the image collection or tickets that give access to certain events. Tokens form a full-fledged part of the real gaming platform (avatars) and create a new community of players who have the opportunity to earn some money on their purchases.

Coming soon to all poker rooms?

NFT Tokens at WPT

If NFTs with such functionality have already been integrated into social poker games, then, most likely, there are no fundamental difficulties in adding them to browser versions of classic poker rooms and then to desktop poker clients.

Initially, poker rooms can use NFTs as a reward for participating in promotions instead of selling them to players. In theory, avatars and any graphic element at the table or in the lobby can be turned into an NFT. For example, poker rooms can start from emoji or throwable objects to create a detailed system of "minting" and upgrades, like in ICE Poker. The field for creativity in this area is huge. 

The first poker rooms, which will implement NFT technology not only for image collections but as part of the gameplay, will obtain significant advantages over competitors in the following areas: attracting and retaining players, especially casual ones, and technical development of their platforms.

Therefore, we are sure there will be more similar news in 2022. All the development of the industry is making online poker players learn the nuances of the blockchain world.

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