Partypoker introduced a new table design


Partypoker decided to fully change its poker client changes a month before the beginning of the new year. The design and many table options have undergone major reengineering. In general, the update can be called casual-oriented, and many regular players reacted negatively. Read on to find out what has happened to the partypoker tables.


List of changes

The partypoker software has been using the current engine for over ten years. It was updated and supported by an unknown company, not by the poker room itself. Nevertheless, it has undergone significant changes in recent years, and the mobile app has changed radically.

Judging by the content amount that partypoker prepared for the update on November 29, 2021 (several videos, website article, blog post, mailing), it is of great importance for them and is a particular milestone in the development of the poker room.

Here are the official patch notes with our comments: 

  1. Enlarged tables and player avatars (the default size of the table has become larger, but it can be reduced manually).
  2. Improved graphics and animations (several new decks have been added; the hole cards are located at an angle to each other; there is no chat anymore, but new emoji and items for throwing at opponents have been added; table theme can be changed by right-clicking the table).
  3. ITM badge and improved tournament summary (located in the upper left corner of the table).
  4. Hand strength icon (including kicker when used; "All-in" triangle for push situations).
  5. Improved "Rabbit Hunt" system (the rabbit no longer runs out from the bottom corner of the table window, you need to click on the cards in the middle of the table instead).
  6. New player notes (pop up when you hover the mouse pointer over the player).

The easiest way to see the main features of the new tables is to watch the video from partypoker streamer Jaime Staples.

Players' reaction

New table design at partypoker

On 2+2 and other poker forums, the majority of the comments regarding this update are negative. What did the regs not like about it?

  • The size of tables, avatars, fonts, and player notes pop-up frames.
  • New decks and hole cards layout.
  • Excessive animation.

We can add that these new tables are very much reminiscent of the ones at GGPoker. It suggests that the developers purposely copied the poker room software, which is popular among casual players. Apparently, it is them who partypoker wants to attract.

The main complaint about the new tables is the lack of alternatives. It is impossible to return to the previous design and even switch to some "Classic" table theme.

But the other poker rooms already had a negative experience in this area, which led to the two trendy questions: How to disable the Aurora engine on PokerStars and How to return the old 888Poker client. In this case, the servers' technical optimization requirements turned out to be a priority. 

Currently, all third-party table layouts do not work on partypoker, but there's a hope that their updated versions should help players make the tables more convenient. The fonts can already be edited via PartyCaption. 

What is your opinion of the new partypoker tables?

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