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Bonus100% up to $600
Rakebackup to 60%
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Room typeLicensed
  • Neteller
  • Visa
  • Skrill
  • ecoPayz
  • Bitcoin
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Key facts
  • Official WSOP partner
  • $600 welcome bonus
  • Cash game around the clock
  • Cash game around the clock
  • $10M monthly promotions
  • No HUD support
Our ratings
Game selection5.0
Bonuses and promotions4.8
Casual players4.8
Deposits and withdrawals4.8
Convenience of the software4.4
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PokerOK Review

Rodion Longa

Pokerok (formerly GGPokerok) Russian-facing skin of the GGNetwork, which has become one of the leaders in the world of online poker. The network brings together over 100,000 poker fans from all over the world at their tables.

GG Pokerok is famous for continuously updating its game offer, holding millionaire promotions, and being the home of the most extensive tournament series (WSOP Online, WPT). They have conquered the poker world after successfully entering the Asian market.

In this review, we will check all the room details, including the nuances of the non-transparent rakeback program, “complex” relationships with professional players, and finally answering: Is it worth playing here?

Bonuses and promotions

GGPokerok's bonus policy is attentive to different types of players. Regs will enjoy leaderboards and rake races with massive over $10M prize pools. The overall poker rakeback can reach over 60% percent, but it does not reward only volume (we will check PVI rake later).

GG PokerOK welcome bonus

GGPokerOK Welcome Bonus

All new players receive a 100% welcome deposit bonus up to $600 which is paid in $1 increments for every $5 rake (20% rakeback). After activation, there are 90 to clear the bonus. The minimum deposit amount is $10.

Honeymoon for newcomers

A set of tasks given daily to new GGPokerOK players, giving prizes from tickets, tournament dollars, or cash. All missions are the same to all users and include playing Hold’em, Omaha, or Rush & Cash hands, get a particular hand at the tables, purchase insurance, or win a tournament.

GGPokerok rake and rakeback

The rake at GGPokerok in Hold'em and Omaha is 5% with the following cap sizes:


The rake structure has several nuances. For example, a preflop rake is charged in all 3-bet pots, and commissions are accrued using the secret PVI (Player Value Index) formula.

The essence of the PVI system is in the classification of users based on their winnings and deposit history, among other factors. Amateurs and casual players will get a higher coefficient, while regs whose cashouts exceed deposits will be “punished.”

Rake at other poker formats:

  • Rush&Cash (Fast-Fold) - 5% at all stakes. Cap - 3 BB.
  • 6+ Hold'em - 5% with a cap of up to 3 antes.
  • In tournaments - around 10%.

GGPokerOK charges a higher rake on average compared to other rooms. However, races, bonuses, and Fish Buffet rakeback programs make up for this in many ways.

Fish Buffet loyalty program

The Fish Buffet loyalty system consists of more than 20 levels. Fish Buffet Points (FP) are awarded for the rake earned. The progress is displayed at each table.

By gaining FP and climbing up the levels, it becomes possible to spin the wheel, on which one of 6 prizes will randomly drop. Depending on the status, prizes can provide from 10% to 100% rakeback.

Of course, this is not common. 100% is scarce. The average return among our players is approximately 35% rakeback.

Fish Buffet has been re-engineered several times and now includes levels with fixed rakeback payments and a maximum of 60% cashback.

What do we get in the end?

What do we conclude? The room offers excellent bonuses, holds massive promotions and unique tournament series. Although the rake distribution system is not transparent, even winning players can get a cashback through monthly races.

Have a question? Contact us:
Anton Manager Wpd
Head of Support

Games and traffic

  • Average online 100000
  • Best time to play Anytime

GGPokerOK occupies 1st place in the PokerScout ranking in terms of daily connections, outlasting PokerStars. The room managed to achieve such results rather quickly, and they continue to grow even during the “calm” poker spring and summer periods. In the evening hours in Europe, the total number of users exceeds 100,000.

Cash Games: Hold’em, Omaha, Shortdeck, and Fast-Fold

GGPokerOK MTT Lobby

Texas Hold'em is the most popular poker format at GG Pokerok. Stakes start from NL2. The minimum buy-in is 20bb, so poker lovers can be found in huge numbers, even at high stakes.

Action at the tables of Texas Hold'em, Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO), and Omaha 5 cards (PLO5) runs around the clock, and during peak hours, more than a hundred tables can be found with blinds up to $500/$1,000 with the participation of Linus Loeliger (LlinusLove), Wiktor Malinowski, Timofey Kuznetsov, and others famous players.

limitsNLH tablesPLO tables

6+ hold'em

GGPokerok is one of the few online poker sites offering decent traffic in Shortdeck Hold'em (6+) with antes ranging from $0.02 to $500. The number of tables is 50-60. It is easy to find action at any given time.


Rush & Cash is another popular format: fast-fold poker (Zoom) with random Cash Drops (Splash the Pot alike), best hand jackpots, and regular leaders. Hundreds of connections can be spotted across all stakes.


All-in or Fold is designed to please Asian fans, but many regs have joined the tables because the game is exciting and very simple. The player enters with 8BB, sits at a 4-max table, and only can go all-in or fold. This game also features unique promotions like jackpots and Bingo.

Tournaments at GGPokerok (MTTs)

GGPokerOK has become the best site to play tournaments. Hundreds of events are held daily, with buy-ins ranging from $1 to $1050. 

Top 6 most interesting regular MTTs:

  • GGMasters: $500,000 GTD for $150 - Special Sunday tournament with satellites.
  • High Roller: expensive tournaments with $210- $5,000 buy-ins and up to $500K GTD guaranteed.
  • Daily GTD: daily events, divided by the rate of blinds growth into several color groups. The six main ones are called the Daily Main Event with $22- $250 buy-ins and an $8,000- $30,000 guarantee.
  • Multi MILLION$: three Sunday tournaments with millions of dollars in the prize pools.
  • Omaholic: PLO MTT series.
  • Flip & Go: exclusive game.

Hold’em tournaments prevail, but there are also many Omaha and Shortdeck events. You should pay attention to festivals held under popular brands: WSOP Online, WPT Online, which went online during the pandemic.

Spin&Gold spins

Spin&Gold are lottery Jackpot SNGs. In terms of their format, they almost do not differ from the competitors' spins: super-turbo 3-max tournaments. However, there are some peculiarities here:

  • Insurance to avoid x2 multipliers.
  • The size of the initial stack, the rate of blinds growth, and the size of the timebank are determined by the multiplier.
  • Spin&Gold challenge giving from 10% to 60% rakeback.

6-max Spins were launched in Spring 2021.

To summarize:

GG PokerOK grants 24/7 access to poker games across all formats, outlasting PokerStars in many aspects. You can play from low to high stakes and compete in massive multi-table tournaments daily. The lack of regular SnG is the only con we highlight in the portfolio.

Attitude towards professional players

  • Tracking software – no.
  • Seating scripts – no.
  • Pre-flop charts – no.
  • Bumhunt – no.
  • Mining – no.

The relationship between GGPokerok (and GGNetwork itself) and professionals have always been tense.

On the one hand, the network is positioned as a place for professionals and does not deny that poker is a game of skill, which means that some will outperform others. On the other hand, many people on forums complain about their accounts being banned for violating the rules of the network, which include:

  • Prohibiting the use of any help during the game, including preflop charts.
  • Bumhunt: hunting down weak players.
  • Hiding actual location via VPN.

After a high-profile case with the ban of Philip Kruse, at the end of 2020, GG released a memorandum explaining their classification of players into three types:

Good PROs: win, but they promote poker and the room through Twitch and social networks. All streamers, bloggers, team pros, and ambassadors fall into this category.

Normal PROs: win but do not violate the rules of the network.

Bad PROs: toxic regs using bumhunting or ratholing.

The company said it would be loyal to the first category, neutral to the second, and hostile to the third.

The company said it would be loyal to the first category, neutral to the second, and negative to the third.

We believe GG is taking meaningful steps to maintain the poker “ecosystem” (for example, by adding the “10 hands” rule). Many other sites have ignored this problem and have declined in traffic over the years. We believe that 100% of the rules are the best for the industry.

Summing up:

GGPokerOK features a unique soft field. We can recommend this site to all grinders from the lowest to the highest stakes. However, please note you must follow all the rules if you want to avoid any issues in the future.

Softness of the field

GG Poker Network was born in 2013 and has always been a top choice among Chinese and Korean players.

Despite exponential growth, the field is still highly soft mainly because of the network's policy of maintaining a “healthy poker environment.”

GG managed to gain immense popularity in the community in a short period thanks to the involvement of such people as Daniel Negreanu, Bertrand Grospellier, Dan Bilzerian, Mikhail "Innerpsy" Shalamov, and Anatoly Filatov as ambassadors, the WSOP, and the revival of nosebleed cash games.

The network actively attracts new players from all over the world through local skins: Natural8 (China, Taiwan, Philippines), GGPoker (Europe, UK, Canada), 7xlpoker (Israel), GGPuke (Korea).

GGPokerok software

GGPokerOK Client

GGPoker software was developed by NSUS Ltd and, in our opinion, is one of the best in terms of functionality. The desktop client and mobile app are available for all devices running Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS operating systems.

Displaying tables is possible both as a general list and in groups by stakes. The latter option makes it possible to see who grinds how many tables and put notes or color marks right from the lobby.

GGPokerok prohibits the use of any third-party software. Violation leads to account blocking and confiscation of funds. However, you can download your hand history to conduct post-game study sessions from PokerCraft. The client also offers an in-app HUD (SmartHUD) with basic data.

The platform has unique features, for example:

  • Backing or Buying and Selling Tournament Shares.
  • Straddle - A bet of 2 big blinds during preflop. The one sitting in front of the BB can put a straddle at will. This makes it possible to complete the preflop betting circle.
  • Run it Twice - 3 extra boards after all-in.
  • All-in insurance.
  • SnapCam: video messages at the tables.
  • Emojis and social features for communication.

The main drawback of the GGPokerOK software is its instability. We have witnessed server crashes during important tournaments, and overall it requires powerful PCs.

GGPokerOK Table

Mobile app

The GGPokerok mobile app is very similar to club-based apps. The main feature from the old mobile versions of poker rooms is a convenient portrait orientation that allows you to play with one hand.

A significant advantage is that absolutely all games are available in the mobile version of GGPokerok, not just a select few, as usually happens with mobile clients.

Reliability and trustworthiness

  • Launched – 2016.
  • License – Curacao
  • KYC verification – necessary.
  • Identity verification – necessary.
  • WPD guaranteed – no.

GGPokerOK is licensed in Curacao. And although the Curacao license in the gambling industry is considered not the best one, it is logical to work in the gray markets.

By the way, the British brand of GGPoker holds one of the most reliable licenses worldwide — the UK Gambling Commission.

GGPokerOK has stringent rules regarding using third-party software and getting any unfair advantage (even preflop charts and materials for beginners opened in the browser are prohibited).

We recommend all experienced grinders be highly cautious. A ban with confiscation of funds at the slightest violation (without warning) is a norm.

Otherwise, the poker room is reliable and is the choice of many players at the highest stakes.

Deposits and withdrawals

Payment methodDepositCashout

It's important to know:

  • Cashout commission - $1.
  • Withdrawal of money usually takes 1-5 business days, depending on the payment.
  • The monthly withdrawal limit is $ 50,000.

You need to verify your account before withdrawing money. We recommend sending the necessary documents (passport, proof of address) right after creating the account. The process is done via email or through the cashier.

Pros and cons to play at GGPokerok

The positive features of the site include:

  • TOP1 poker room in terms of traffic.
  • Massive game portfolio: NLH, PLO4, PLO5, 6+ Hold’em, AoF, Rush&Cash, Spin&Gold, MTT, FlipGo.
  • Hundreds of daily tournaments and record braking series with guarantees up to $150M under the WSOP brand.
  • Poker client with unique features like statistics, staking.
  • Over $10,000,000 in regular monthly giveaways.

The site also has a few drawbacks:

  • Preflop rake.
  • Non-transparent PVI based rake distribution structure.
  • HUD and tracking software not allowed.
  • No bumhunt.

Most of the cons we highlight about GGPokerOK came from regs; however, GGPoker is one of the best poker rooms that will suit almost everyone except those who play Chinese poker or regular SnG. It is also better to bypass the room if you are not satisfied with games that lack statistics.

For all other players: innovation and access to a soft field with Asian lineups, millionaire promotions, and high-profile tournament series are the best that a modern site can offer.

Advantages of our affiliate service

Worldpokerdeals has many years of experience in the professional affiliate services market for players all over the world. Our managers will provide you with the best service and deals in any poker room.

  • Private promotions.
  • Giveaways of tournament tickets in the Telegram channel.
  • Professional support on all issues seven days a week.

For more information on the GGPokerok deal, write right now. We are online seven days a week!

Have a question? Contact us:
Anton Manager Wpd
Head of Support
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