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PPPoker Australia | Best clubs for Aussie players and money guaranteed

Author: Vargoso Published: 29.12.19

It's no secret that the online poker industry isn't in its best shape in Australia. After the Interactive Gambling Amendment was passed in 2017, all major poker sites like 888Poker or PokerStars left the country, and there are no prospects of opening the market. Fortunately for Aussie grinders, almost at the same time, PPPoker was introduced, and nowadays, it's a healthy industry that welcomes poker players from Australia.

PPPoker Australia | Best clubs for Aussie players and money guaranteed

What is PPPoker?

PPPoker is a real money poker app, and, as its name implies, has been designed for mobile devices. It combines the agent and club systems to create a robust environment that has developed rapidly, especially on restricted markets, thanks to the use of play money at the tables.

But, when does a play money app become a real money poker app? Clubs and agents exchange PPPoker chips into real cash and host all kinds of tables from MTT, SnG, and cash games. Usually, payments are processed locally by the clubs, but our players can use our agent cashier with global payment processors, including cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin), which are very handy for Aussie poker players.

In the beginning, PPPoker and other poker apps were strongly linked to the Asian market, but now the site is a global platform with hundreds of clubs from around the world.

PPPoker legal background

The only certification that a site like PPPoker need is to have its RNG (Random Number Generator) verified by an external company; but, since PPPoker is only a platform that hosts play money games, it doesn't need any license to operate, even in Australia.

This background encouraged many poker fans to create their clubs with a structure very similar to PokerStars' Home Games, and now with two years of experience, the real money poker apps industry is more mature. It's auto-regulating with the support of major affiliates and clubs.

Is it safe to play at PPPoker?

We can say that the games at PPPoker are safe: a security team monitors the tables to prevent bots and other dishonest behaviors, and its software has proven fair

But, the safety of the money is a different matter. PPPoker only hosts games, but affiliates and clubs handle the money, so only playing with trusted agents, your balance will be safe. In one word, there is a risk associated with playing on real money poker apps.

Worldpokerdeals is the only agent that offers a full bankroll guarantee in a package of 25+ clubs in Upoker, PPPoker, and PokerBros. We eliminate the risk of money for our players so they can focus on playing.

Clubs overview

Our players will find action around the clock, and Aussie grinders will particularly like traffic in Asian and American clubs as the peak traffic fits with Australian time zones

In our 25+ club set on real money poker apps (which includes PPPoker, Upoker, and PokerBros), you can usually see more than 500 active tables at any stake from NL/PLO20 to NL/PLO2,000, MTTs, short-deck hold'em, and PLO 5-card.

Traffic NLH 6-9-max

Time/Stake NL10-20$ NL21-50$ NL51-100$ NL101-200$ NL201-400$ NL401-600$ NL601-1,000$
16:00 38 12 21 11 3 1  
18:00 43 16 25 12 4 2 1
20:00 36 15 21 8 2 2  
22:00 27 11 16 5 2   1

Traffic PLO 6-9-max

Time/Stake PLO10-20$ PLO21-50$ PLO51-100$ PLO101-200$ PLO201-400$ PLO401-600$ PLO601-1,000$ PLO 1,001-1,800$
16:00 19 14 23 11 7 3 2  
18:00 17 12 27 12 10 5 4 2
20:00 19 8 25 16 13 6 4 2
22:00 13 8 17 12 14 3 3 1

Traffic OFC 2-3-max

Time/Stake 0,02$-0,10$ 0,11$-0,25$ 0,26$-$0,50 0,51$-$1 1,1$-2$ 2,1$-5$ 5,1$-10$ 10,1$-20$
16:00 4 4 4 5 2 3 5 1
18:00 4 6 5 11 4 5 6 1
20:00 7 8 7 7 6 6 6 1
22:00 6 3 4 4 1 5 3 2

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Considering the legal background of online poker in Australia, in addition to process deposits and withdrawals with the most common e-wallets (Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz), we also take Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for PPPoker clubs.

The Bitcoin industry is highly developed in Australia, and it's easy to convert cryptos to fiat money (Australian Dollars) on websites like Localbitcoins.

PPPoker rakeback deal for Aussie poker players

Each club has a different rakeback deal; therefore, you must confirm the benefits with our support team when joining a club.

Can I refer my friends to play at PPPoker?

Of course! As the real money poker apps industry is booming in Australia, you can earn extra money by referring your friends with us. Visit the Worldpokerdeals Partners section on our website to find out all the information about how you can boost your profits playing and referring players to PPPoker.

PokerBros and Upoker — new real money poker apps

PPPoker is still the largest real money poker app, but recently new sites have been launched with many benefits: we're talking about Upoker and PokerBros, two mobile poker apps similar to PPPoker that takes the players' experience to another level.

Our deal at Upoker and PokerBros is the same as with PPPoker: full bankroll guarantee, top rakeback deal in the best clubs, and top-notch customer service. Right now, our players can choose from different clubs on different sites, which is very cool for grinders that always look at the most profitable games.


PPPoker and real money poker apps are currently on hype in Australia as it gave a second chance to players after regulation; in addition to that, when signing up with us, players will get many benefits:

  • 30+ clubs available at three real money poker apps;
  • Private clubs for VIP players;
  • Funds guaranteed by Worldpokerdeals;
  • Top rakeback deals;
  • 24/7 customer service;

Please contact our team to start playing at PPPoker / Upoker / PokerBros with the safest deal on the market:

Upoker logo
High stakes action WPD funds guarantee!
Rakeback up to 35%
PokerBros logo
Asian mobile platform
Deposit bonus n\a
Rakeback n\a
PPPoker logo
High stakes action WPD funds guarantee!
Deposit bonus n\a
Rakeback up to 50%

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