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PPPoker: review and complete FAQ

Author: Vargoso Published: 15.09.19

Although mobile poker apps aren't a new invention, this market has presented a tremendous boost in the last two years. The now almost dead PokerMaster was responsible for the boom of poker in China and has now given the throne to PPPoker. In this article, we share a comprehensive guide about PPPoker with all the key information that a grinder should know.

PPPoker: review and complete FAQ

What is PPPoker?

PPPoker is a mobile app (although right now, it offers a basic desktop client) where players can play "poker with friends." It's a basic concept, but it has managed to become the most significant development of modern online poker:

  • Players download the app via Google Play or App Store (iOS devices);
  • Any player can create a club and invite their friends to join;
  • The host of the club get some play money chips and distribute them among his players; later, he can create tables in almost any poker format (Hold'em, Omaha, OFC)

PPPoker Random Number Generator (RNG) is certified by "Gaming Labs," which guarantees fair games for players. The PPPoker client has everything a player needs, including customization options, filters, etc.

How has PPPoker changed the game?

Poker entrepreneurs saw a fantastic opportunity with PPPoker: how about giving a value to play money chips and selling it to players to make a real poker club? With this easy tweak, PPPoker has become one of the largest online poker rooms of the moment, offering real money games.

Why was this a break in the industry? As in theory, PPPoker is a play money app; it can be used by players living in grey markets, including Asia (China, India, Malaysia, etc.), Australia, and the United States of America.

So, from nowhere, players saw a massive offer of real money games and agents who took local payment methods for them, which meant a reborn of the industry for some markets. 

On top of that, PPPoker emerged as the leader, thanks to:

  • Is not that complex as PokerMaster (the rake structure is a traditional one, no fees are charged for seating at a table, etc.);
  • From the beginning, it put an "anti-cheat" team on the field to fight bots, chip dumping, etc.;
  • The poker client is user-friendly and is translated into many languages;
  • PPPoker hosted the PPPoker World Championship, and several PPPoker Festival stops around the world in Asia, America, and Europe;
  • Players get rakeback for playing at the tables.

Which PPPoker clubs are out there?

As we said, anyone can create PPPoker clubs: that is effortless and almost free. So, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say there are thousands of PPPoker clubs on the market. But, it's important to remark that players should only join safe clubs via trusted agents and affiliates. 

There are many bad stories out there about players losing significant amounts of money with untrustworthy clubs or agents. Therefore, players should always ask for a bankroll guarantee before depositing into a PPPoker club.

Our PPPoker set has:

  • +20 PPPoker clubs;
  • +5 Upoker clubs;
  • Full bankroll guarantee;
  • Convenient deposit and withdrawal methods;
  • Rakeback deals;
  • Multi-lingual support (Russian – English – Spanish);
  • An excellent offer for grinders around the world including clubs from Asia, USA, Brazil, Europe, Australia so that players can play 24/7.
Country Clubs Games Limits
Philippines 2 MTT / NLH / PLO / OFC NL3.6 - 180 PLO 3.6 - 180
USA 2 MTT / NLH / PLO / OFC NL20 - 1k PLO20-1k
Brazil +3 MTT/ SNG / NLH / PLO NL5 - 700 / PLO10-700
Asia +5 MTT / NLH / PLO / OFC / 6+ NL3- 180 / PLO60 - 1.5k
Europe 2 MTT / NLH / PLO NL20 - 1.3k / PLO20-2.5k
India +4 NLH / PLO / OFC / PLO5 NL60 - 1.3k / PLO60-1.2k
Russia 1 MTT / NLH / PLO / OFC NL10-700 / PLO10-700
Independent 1 MTT / SNG / NLH / PLO / OFC / 6+ NL30 - 570 / PLO30 - 570

All players will find suitable tables in our clubs as the action starts at NL3 up to NL2k and PLO10 to PLO3k.

How to make a deposit to a PPPoker club?

As we mentioned before, real money games at PPPoker occurs at private clubs that assign a particular value to "play money" chips; therefore, to deposit a PPPoker club, players need to:

  • Choose a reliable agent or club;
  • Confirm the exchange rate used in the club. Please note that the game host decides the currency, so if you play in a Brazilian club, most likely the chip value will be related to Brazilian Real;
  • Send application to the club (sometimes you need to use an invitation code that will be confirmed by your agent); in this process, you'll need to verify your account ID and nickname;
  • Confirm deposit methods accepted by the clubs; also confirm all terms and conditions of payments: timeframe, fees, etc.
  • Send deposit to the agent/club wallet; after this, chips will be credited to the player's account.

How to request a withdrawal from a PPPoker club?

Your affiliate/agent processes PPPoker withdrawals, and the procedure is similar to making a deposit:

  • Request the withdrawal to your agent, including all relevant information:
    • Account ID;
    • Nickname;
    • Amount;
    • Payment method.
  • The agent will deduct the chips from your account and send the withdrawal to your wallet.

As usual, confirm the terms and conditions of withdrawals before joining a club; those may include fees, exchange rate, payment methods accepted, etc.

Worldpokerdeals process payments in more than 25 PPPoker clubs and 5 Upoker clubs using the following methods:

  • Skrill (USD and EUR);
  • Neteller (USD and EUR);
  • ecoPayz (USD and EUR);
  • Sberbank (where available);
  • Bitcoin.

Can I play at PPPoker from PC?

Although PPPoker is a mobile app, there is possible to join the tables via a desktop computer using the native desktop app; the client is basic and may not be great for long time sessions. Grinders can request assistance to our support team to play more comfortably at PPPoker.

Is PPPoker legit?

As we mentioned before, PPPoker is a "play money" app, therefore the question about if PPPoker is legit needs to be deeply analyzed:

  • PPPoker is not a traditional poker room like partypoker or PokerStars. It has no gambling licenses as it only offers "play money tables"; private hosts organize the games, and responsibilities about game safety are shared:
    • The club owners and affiliates are responsible for the safety of the funds of the players, including processing all payments, rakeback, etc.
    • PPPoker is responsible for gaming client fairness (RNG) and guaranteeing no cheats are going on at the tables (bots, collusion, chip dumping, etc.)

Thus, in short, it could be said that PPPoker is a safe application to play poker and combined with trusted clubs and agents, it becomes in a legit online poker room.

After two years of working with PPPoker, we can conclude that it's one of the most profitable poker rooms nowadays. Our grinders request withdrawals daily, and our club menu is continuously updated. Rakeback is paid every month.

Nevertheless, we have had some issues with the club's owners that stole the players balances, but in those cases, our bankroll guarantee applies (we paid from our pocket over $100k last year for this). 

How to start playing at PPPoker?

Our team is ready to assist all players to start playing at PPPoker. After reaching our managers, you will receive an updated list of our club set up that includes all the necessary information to make a choice:

  • Terms and conditions;
  • Country of the club;
  • Exchange rate;
  • Games and stakes;
  • Test accounts.


Mobile poker applications are here to stay. Although online poker is having a crisis at the moment (which can be evidenced checking the last 888 Poker and PokerStars financial reports), more and more players are coming to sites like PPPoker attracted by the soft action and the possibility to join the tables from their countries (in the case of the USA for example).

Please contact our team to get the safest PPPoker rakeback deal on the market.

Manager/Contact Skype Telegram Whatsapp
David (PPPoker manager) live:b8f3fa9afc6fa3cc David_wpd +380980972748

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