GGPoker staking platform - How does it work?


You don't need to play to win money from online poker: GGPoker allows you to buy and sell shares (staking) in tournaments, getting a piece of the profits of your favorite players. Buying and selling tournament shares (staking) has existed in poker for quite a long time. Until recently, players and backers were organizing the process on their own. Thanks to GGPoker, staking became possible via the poker client. You will learn about all the details from this articl


What is staking?

Staking is a mutual agreement to transfer all or part of the poker tournament winnings to another person. The part of the transferred profit is called a share, and the one who buys it is called a shareholder or staker. 

Online poker staking is a great way to reduce the impact of variance on your bankroll or try more expensive tournaments.

How does staking work at GGPoker?

At GG Poker app, players can take advantage of all the staking options via the poker client. 

How to buy shares at GGPoker?

ggpoker staking interface

You can buy a share through the lobby of any tournament that is open for registration. It is required to specify a percentage (100% is the total buy-in amount excluding rake).

  1. Double click the desired tournament in the lobby.
  2. Select the player who you think has the best chance of a deep run from the list.
  3. Click the "Buy Action" button. Set the share you want to buy, then click the "Buy Action" button again.

There are no additional fees for staking at GGPoker. Any profit is immediately credited to the account balance and has no withdrawal restrictions.

There are three indicators in the staking section of each tournament next to the players' nicknames:

  • Selling – the percentage of the total buy-in amount the player wants to sell.
  • Sold – currently purchased shares (%).
  • Markup – a multiplier showing how much more it will cost you to buy a share compared to its face value.

The share size can be adjusted by 1% of the tournament buy-in amount (0.10% for high roller events with $5,000+ buy-ins). All calculations and payments are automatically made by the GGPoker software.

How to track staking history?

To do this, log in and click the PokerCraft button located in the bottom menu of the poker client.

GGpoker staking profile in PokerCraft

Select the "Staking" section from the vertical menu. 

How to sell shares at GGPoker?

how to sell share

To do this, you need to perform several actions:

  1. Register to the desired tournament and open its lobby.
  2. Set the size of the share you wish to sell and markup coefficient via the “Staking” section.

The sale of shares is possible while registration for the tournament is in progress. It is possible to cancel all sales during this period. 

Staking also applies to multi-day tournaments. The sale of Day 2 shares considers the current stack size compared to the initial one. The former cannot be less than the latter; the greater it is, the more expensive 1% of the share is.

Staking tips

To profitably invest in players by buying their tournament shares, you need to thoroughly study their staking profiles in PokerCraft, a link to which can be found within the tournament lobby.

player's staking profile

It is essential to pay attention to the following:

  • Player profile. If it is completely filled out and the player has provided maximum information about himself, this indicates how seriously he treats the sale of shares.
  • Previous results. Stakes, types of tournaments, and profit.
  • Markup. If it is higher than 1.2 and the player is unknown in the poker regs’ community, you should be wary of buying the shares. Any markup must be justified by the previous positive results.
  • The size of the share. If a player plans to sell more than 50% of the total buy-in amount, this may lead to a lower interest in the results (he will have to give the biggest part of the winnings to the stakers).

Be sure to use Staking Chat (the link to it is located near the player's avatar in the tournament lobby) to get answers to all your questions from the player selling shares. The more details you have, the more informed your staking choices are.


✅ Is staking poker players profitable?

Yes, it can be profitable in the long run. You have to follow the bankroll management rules and, most importantly, study the players whose shares you want to buy carefully.

✅ How to find a staking platform in the GGPoker client?

To do this, just open the lobby of any tournament and select the "Staking" tab on its left part.

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