Top Trumps Football Stars Poker — a new format on iPoker Network


iPoker Network (Betfair, Guts, Red Star) has reengineered its fast-fold poker version — Top Trumps Football Stars Poker, which was released today and will replace Speed Poker.


New fast-fold poker version on iPoker Network

As the head of iPoker Network, Joerg Nottebaum said in his interview with us, 2020 was the last year of Speed Poker. During its 8 years of its existence, this format never became popular. Even after many MPN skins switched to iPoker, only two stakes (NL5 and NL20) were active with a small number of connections.

Now a new game has taken its place on the network:

Top Trumps Football Stars (or simply Football Stars) is a new fast-fold poker version on iPoker Network.

Main features:

  • The game is available at the NL20€ stake (higher stakes are promised in the future);
  • Format: 5-max tables;
  • Rake: 5% with a cap of €1;
  • The tables are polished with a football theme;
  • Three jackpots associated with similar casino bonuses in the Sporting Legends series.

Three casino jackpots

Trumps Football Stars Poker on iPoker Network

iPoker Network is owned by Playtech, whose primary focus is the development of slots for online casinos. One of them gave the name to the new version of fast-fold poker.

Football Stars will have shared jackpots with four slots from the Sporting Legends series:

  • Daily — guaranteed once a day;
  • Weekly — guaranteed once a week;
  • Mistery — the biggest jackpot (almost 800,000 euros), no timeframe.

Current jackpot sizes are shown in the lobby and at each table. For the first two, there is also a countdown to the moment of the mandatory draw.

The jackpot prize pool is funded by additional fees from players — 2%, from each bet made at the Football Stars, but no more than €0,1.

What to expect from Football Stars?

iPoker was the first network to merge online poker and casinos directly through shared jackpots and gaming brands. The objective is to drive casual traffic from several Playtech products to the poker tables.

The traffic size at its tables will show how much poker fans will adopt the format in the coming weeks. A crucial subject is that normal traffic is not limited only when the daily and weekly jackpots are drawn.

Football Stars will be able to attract regulars only through a waker field, due to the bigger rake (5% standard + 2% from each bet) and a high level of the action thanks to the 5-max format.

This format's main advantage should be the influx of new players from casino games and those who decide to hit the new jackpots at the iPoker Network rooms.

Advantages of our affiliate service:

  • Top rakeback deal for pro players;
  • Free layout and discount on iPoker Tools;
  • Professional customer service seven days a week.

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