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We respond fast!
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GGPoker.com VIP rakeback and bonus codes

GG Poker offers a wide selection of bonuses besides the rakeback program and monthly promotions. The good news is that the network launches promotions for all kind of players, so no matter what stake you play, you can benefit from these events.

We guarantee a profitable rakeback deal for our customers in addition to all regular promotions.

Permanent GG Poker promotions:

Welcome bonus

GGPoker Welcome Bonus

GGPoker Welcome Bonus

The poker room grants a 200% first deposit bonus up to $600; both cash games (except Rush & Cash) and tournaments count towards unlocking the welcome bonus; the wagering time is 90 days and it’s paid in $10 increments.

Honeymoon for Newcomers

The best promotion for new users; players must hit the button “Start Honeymoon” within three days after registering to participate in the event. After this, grinders will receive a daily mission with different prizes each:

Successful Missions Prizes
3 Ticket Omaholic $1
5 $2,50
7 Ticket T$ Builder $4
15 T$12,50
20 $20
25 T$110
30 $150

Full list of missions of the Honeymoon event:

Mission Description
1 Play 50 Hold'em hands
2 Play 50 Omaha hands
3 Play 70 AoF Holdem hands
4 Show all your cards in Hold'em
5 Buy All-in Insurance in Hold'em or Omaha
6 Play with straddle in Hold'em
7 Play 100 Rush & Cash Hands
8 Show your cards after winning in Omaha
9 Get pocket AA in Rush & Cash
10 Play a Bounty Tournament
11 Blind All-in in Hold'em
12 Buy All-In Insurance and benefit from it
13 Play the Daily Guarantees
14 Win a pot with a full house in the showdown in Hold'em
15 Purchase a minimum 10% share in a tournament
16 Play 200 Rush & Cash hands
17 Win the main pot with a flush in AoF
18 Get pocket AA in Hold'em
19 Play 300 AoF Hold'em hands
20 Reach the final table of Daily Guarantees in events with more than 50 participants
21 Play 300 Hold'em hands
22 Win a Daily Guarantees Bounty
23 Win the main pot with four of a kind in Omaha
24 Play 300 Omaha hands
25 Play 500 AoF Hold'em hands
26 Win a Bounty Hunters Tournament
27 Play 500 Rush & Cash hands
28 Win the main pot defeating pocket JJ in AoF Hold'em
29 Win the Daily Red Tournament
30 Hit AoF Hold'em Jackpot

In addition to this, within the first 90 days after registration, the following tickets are awarded for playing at AoF games:

  • For 10 hands - $2.1 Bounty Hunters ticket;

  • For 100 hands - $10.5 Bounty Hunters ticket;

  • First AoF Jackpot — $88 Daily Main Event ticket.

Fish Buffet Rewards

GGPoker Fish Buffet

GGPoker Fish Buffet

All players receive Fish Buffet Points (FP) while playing. Their progress is displayed at each table.

There are a total of 24 levels according to the points given, and those are divided into 8 statutes. 

Upon reaching each level, the player can spin a wheel in the “Fish Buffet” section that gives random awards.

Table of Fish Buffet rewards:

Status Level FP by levels Time Prizes Rakeback




30 days

$100 ~ $1,000

Diamond 49%
Platinum 48%
Gold 47%
Silver 46%
Bronze 45%




15 days

$40 ~ $320

Platinum 43%
Gold 42%
Silver 41%
Bronze 40%




7 days

$15 ~ $90

Platinum 35%
Gold 34%
Silver 33%
Bronze 32%




72 hours

$5 ~ $25

Silver 30%
Bronze 28%




24 hours

$1.50 ~ $6

Silver 25%
Bronze 22%
Shrimp     24 hours $1 ~ $3 20%
Plankton Elementary 500 24 hours $0.50 ~ $1.50 15%

If you didn’t manage to reach a certain level in the required time, all FPs above the last level will be burned and credited with a 10% rakeback.

Our grinders receive an extra rakeback deal on top of the Fish Buffet rewards; to get more details of our private deal please contact our team:




Email[email protected]

Monthly promotions

Every month the Good Game Network renews its portfolio of promotions, which have included in the past months:

  • All-In or Fold giveaways with up to $300,000 GTD;

  • Rush & Cash races with up to $400,000 GTD;

  • Omaha festivals with up to $100,000 GTD;

  • Short Deck Hand Race with up to ¥1,000,000 GTD.

Usually, the site launches a promotion that benefits amateurs and another one that benefits poker pros, preserving this way the ecosystem.

Cash Drops

50% of the rake is randomly returned in the Rush & Cash poker tables. This system emulates Splash The Pot, the innovative system introduced by Run It Once Poker.

The money randomly falls from the sky and is added to the pot, with the exception of the largest drop, which is immediately distributed among all those sitting at the table.

The size of the drops is from 10bb to 600bb, and the probabilities are as follows:

  • 10bb – 1,900;
  • 15bb – 385;
  • 20bb – 111;
  • 600bb – 1.


GGPoker Jackpots

GGPoker Jackpots

Jackpots are random prizes given for getting (or losing) with strong hands. Some conditions apply, for example, both pocket cards must be used in the hand. The jackpot prize pool is created by additional fees paid by all players.

Summary table of GG Poker jackpots:

Jackpot Format Combination Prize pool Prize
AoF Jackpot All-In or Fold NLH - straight flush, PLO - royal flush $0,01-$10 $526,914
Big Hand Jackpot Regular tables NLH PLO Four of a kind+ 30bb - 1bb of the pot $84,344
Flush Jackpot 6+ Hold'em Flush+ 1 ante for every 30 ante in the pot ¥114,869

Rake structure

Good Game charges rake in a unique way, many of the features of this structure cannot be found in other sites:

  • The rake is taken preflop;

  • The rake is credited only to the loser in the hand; the hand winner pays rake on standard terms, but none of this counts toward his rakeback deal.

Hold'em rake structure:

Stake Rake Cap
$0.02 / $0.05 5% $0.5
$0.05 / $0.10 5% $1
$0.10 / $0.25 5% $2
$0.25 / $0.50 5% $4
$0.50 / $1 5% $5
$1 / $2 5% $6
$2 / $5 5% $8
$5 / $10 5% $10

Rush & Cash – the rake is 6,25% at all stakes:

Stake Cap
$0.01 / $0.02 $0,4
$0.05 / $0.10 $1,5
$0.25/ $0.50 $5
$1 / $2 $10

All-In or Fold – rake is taken in every hand as a fixed amount from each player in the game:

Stake Buy-in Rake
PLO20K$ $1,000 $10
NL10K$ $1,000 $5
NL1K$ $80 $0.50
PLO800$ $32 $0.40
NL400$ $32 $0.20
PLO200$ $8 $0.10
NL100$ $8 $0.05
PLO50$ $2 $0.02
NL25$ $2 $0.01
  • Omaha — 3% without cap;
  • 6+ Hold’em — 3% from the pot; caps ¥5-¥50;
  • Tournaments — usually 10%.

PVI rake

PVI or Player Value Index is a special coefficient calculate for every player in the network (except for 6+ Hold’em). The formula for its calculation is not disclosed.

All we know is that PVI is constantly recalculated and it depends on the grinder results, his deposits, and cashouts. According to our experience, regulars have a PVI less than 1, and amateurs more than 1. PVI is crucial for grinders because it affects the final rakeback calculations.

Find out more details about PVI rake here.

Please contact our team to get more information about rake structure and rakeback on GGPoker:




Email[email protected]

United States Unfortunately this poker room is unavailable in United States
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