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Bounty Jackpot at GGPoker

Author: Vargoso Published: 04.10.22

On September 30, 2022, GGPoker introduced its third jackpot — Bounty Jackpot, which rewards bounty tournament players: MTT and SnG Battle Royale. You can learn all the details about this new promotion in our article.

Bounty Jackpot at GGPoker

How to win the Bounty Jackpot?

To trigger the bonus, two conditions must be met:

  1. Play bounty tournaments. On GGNetwork (GGPoker, Natural8), these include events with the word "Bounty" in the title and all Battle Royale games. There is a Bounty Jackpot banner in the lobby of such tournaments.
  2. Knockout any opponent and get paid for his "head." If the jackpot is triggered, then everyone at the table sees a message like this:

Confirmation message Bounty Jackpot

Payouts and probabilities

The chance of winning the jackpot is 1 in 1,000. The amount paid depends on the stakes.

There is a separate Bounty Jackpot prize pool for each buy-in range. You can find the current size for a tournament with a certain fee by clicking on the banner and selecting the "Jackpot information" tab.

Bounty Jackpot prize pool

Based on the prizes accumulated at the moment, considering different probabilities, the player gets a particular share of the jackpot according to the tournament fee:

Jackpot Share Probability

Jackpot share Probability
5%  1% 
25%  4% 
1%  15% 
0.5%  80% 

Mega Bounty

This is what the maximum possible jackpot payout is called. Depending on the stake, its size can range from $100k to a million dollars. The probability that a player get such a prize is as follows:

 Buy-in  Mega Bounty  Probabilities (per 100М)


$300-$399,99 227,368
$200-$299,99 170,526
$100-$199,99  85,263
$50-$99,99 42,632
$20-$49,99 17,053
$10-$19,99 8,526


$2-$4,99 17,053
Up to $1 ,99 8,526

Extra fee

Like any similar promotion, the Bounty Jackpot prize pool is funded by additional fees. A commission is taken from each bounty:

 Buy-in Fee
$400-499,99 $10
$300-$399,99 $8
$200-$299,99 $6
$100-$199,99  $3
$50-$99,99 $1.50 
$20-$49,99 $0.60 
$10-$19,99 $0.30 
$5-$9,99 $0.15 
$2-$4,99 $0.06
Up to $1 ,99 $0.03

Frequently asked questions

✅ Where can I find the history of my jackpots?

It's available in the PokerCraft hand history as well as in the cashier history.

✅ Are there jackpot ratings?

Information about the 20 biggest Bounty Jackpot winners for the previous week can be found by clicking on the promotion banner.

✅ Where can I find up-to-date information about Bounty Jackpot in the GGPoker client?

The banner will provide access to basic information; you can click on it on:

  • The main lobby's upper right is a carousel with the prize pool of all the room jackpots (BadBeat Jackpot and All-in or Fold Jackpot).
  • In the description of a compatible tournament, highlighted in the MTT lobby
  • In the upper right corner of a gaming table

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