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Playing online poker from restricted countries: 2022 survival guide

Author: Vargoso Published: 19.02.19

Playing online poker in 2019 could be quite a challenge if you live in a country with a restrictive gambling regulation; instead of moving forward with laws that embrace the benefits of legal online gambling (controlled publicity, tax incomes, etc.), more and more countries opt-in for closing their borders and prohibit online poker. In this article, we share a few tips for poker players living in those countries and how they can make EV+ decisions.

Playing online poker from restricted countries: 2022 survival guide

¿Which countries have banned online poker?

Literally, millions of poker players are trapped in countries like India, Israel, Italy, United States, Colombia, Australia, China, Spain, France, and many others, which in a way or another, have prohibited or at least restricted (for example the European shared liquidity) online poker. For all of them, we have prepared this survival guide for 2019, including all the necessary information to keep playing from home.

¿What online poker rooms are available on regulated markets?

Curiously enough, almost all poker rooms available on regulated markets have merged after being prohibited there at the very beginning; just to bring an example, the Chinese poker rooms are booming since last year and even have drawn the attention of PokerStars (recently PS launched Red Dragon Poker, a Chinese application very similar to PokerKing Asia or PPPoker) and those are developing on a very restrictive market. 

At the bottom of this article, you will find a selection of the best online poker rooms available for players living in regulated countries.

Our team will be glad to assist you in picking the best poker room that fits your needs; no matter where you live, we have a solution for you.

¿How to make a deposit or withdrawal in regulated countries?

A common question: if online poker is forbidden in my country, how can I even make a deposit to a poker room? Agents, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies are the answer:


The benefits of the Bitcoin and other cryptos are remarkable on the online poker market. As cryptos don't depend on any central bank, those can be easily used in almost any country for gambling-related payments. Sites like Exmo or Localbitcoins are very useful on highly regulated markets such as the Chinese or the Australian one.


ecoPayz (a trusted e-wallet very similar to Skrill and Neteller) is accepted by countries like Canada, India, Spain, among others). SEPA residents can even request a MasterCard card to handle their money.

VPN? High-end PCs? What are the requirements to play at exotic poker rooms?

Our team will assist you in all the technologic requirements to start playing at international rooms:

  • If you are playing in Asian poker apps, the emulators have high technical requirements;
  • Additional software such as hand converters or add-ons may be needed to enable HUD at some rooms.

Another requirement to play at rooms from exotic countries like China is to adapt yourself to a routine to play with a different time zone: for example, the Chinese prime time corresponds to the morning in America or the evening in Europe.

What about the costs? Is it expensive to play on alternative poker networks? Can I get rakeback?

As usual, the answer to this question is: it depends. We made a comparison of the rake structure of traditional poker rooms and Asian poker applications, and the results proved that it's not expensive to play at Chinese poker rooms.

The good news is that almost all alternative poker rooms come with top rakeback deals from Worldpokerdeals. Some rooms charge a fee when you withdrawal your profits (to cover the costs of transferring money from China or Israel to e-wallets); for those cases, you can be sure that the fee charged by WPD is the lowest on the market.

The software has an additional cost, for example, a hand converter or card catcher may be necessary in order to play with a HUD.

Poker expat?

Hundreds of professional poker players have decided to emigrate from their countries (even high-profile ones like Adrían Mateos who left Spain after the regulation) looking for better conditions to play both online and live. The preferred destinations are Thailand, México, or the UK; if you are a poker expat, you can take advantage of our VIP promotions especially designed for poker players living abroad.


The real challenge must be at the tables, beating the fish, and not struggling with regulations and prohibitions; we understand that you could be afraid of playing online poker if the authorities raise the regulation flag, but as we already mentioned, there are several options; in short, there is a life after regulation.

Note: if you are planning to take a poker trip, contact us for local information in Thailand, Russia, Colombia, USA, etc. Our gigs are world-famous :)

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