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TOP-6 best poker tools that will be necessary in 2019

Author: Vargoso Published: 03.01.19

It is hard to imagine the life of any poker reg without specialized poker software. And even though some sites have taken actions against support software, it can still help you a lot in many poker rooms. Today we will share a selection of six poker tools which we consider necessary for any serious poker player in 2019.

TOP-6 best poker tools that will be necessary in 2019

All poker software used by players can be arranged into five groups:

  • Trackers;
  • Calculators;
  • GTO simulators;
  • Player statistics services;
  • Mods;
  • Table scanners.

Poker trackers


Almost every poker player knows Holdem Manager 2 or Poker Tracker 4. Those are long and well-established software for using a HUD at the tables and analyzing the opponent's game play and his own. Lots of content is available on the internet about HM and PT to maximize your advantage.

Among the new generation of trackers, one of the most important is Hand2Note. At a first glance, it may look like expensive software (yearly license of $89 up to $351), but unlike HM and PT, H2N has some unique features specially designed for high-stakes players:

  • Import speed: about 3,000 hands per second and it works faster with the data; even working with very large databases, it allows you to instantly switch between tables, open pop-ups, and chats.
  • Dynamic HUD: The HUD statistics vary depending on several conditions (position, bet size). Hand2Note displays the opponent stats considering his game against you and the position, saving lots of time searching the desired information in pop-ups as in the classical trackers.
  • Graphics and interface: Hand2Note provides to the user great tools to visualize the range of your opponents, as well as lots of options to customize the HUD and pop-ups appearance.
  • Notes: The notes are automatically classified into groups according to the opponent stats.
  • The statistics could be divided into what was played against regs and fishes.
  • Showdown can be studied with different bets per streets (simulation).

So, Hand2Note could be a great tool for NL200> players, and its fully compatible with partypoker, iPoker, 888 Poker, PokerMaster, among others.



The most popular poker calculators are Equilab and Flopzilla, and recently we introduced a younger but most advanced tool — oRanges Calculator, great software for analyzing ranges in Hold'em. We consider the following ones as the main advantages of oRanges Calculator over other similar applications:

  • Multi-language support;
  • Low price: $15;
  • Continuous updates;
  • Advanced features as range designer, preflop assistant, flop texture filters, custom filters and much more.

GTO simulators


The popularization of the GTO (Game Theory Optimal) concept in the past years put this type of software in the radar because it simply states that a poker player using GTO could not be exploited. Now the GTO-simulators are one of the most advanced and expensive tools that a poker player needs. All of this because the mathematics behind GTO are very complex, and sometimes it requires lots of time and computer resources, and even the player himself must spend a lot of effort to understand the simulations.

The most popular GTO simulator is Simple Postflop:

  • Performs calculations on old PC's using an independent cloud service;
  • Quick and free calculation of the equilibrium strategy on turn and river;
  • GTO-calculations preflop with a cost (a procedure that requires hundreds of gigabytes or RAM);
  • Mapping strategies, EV and equity are given in a calculation tree;
  • Adequate usage of computer resources;
  • Considers all the significant flops (1,755 flops) and all possible flops (22,100 flops).

Player statistics services


Often while playing, we found ourselves against players at the tables with no previous information in the tracker software. In this case, you need to use a statistics service to find out the required information to make good calls. We recommend Statname, a still free modern poker statistics service which has several advantages over its main competitors:

  • Room coverage, players and stakes;
  • Speed;
  • Multi-language support
  • User-friendly

You can read more about Statname following this link.



It's not a secret that the vast majority of poker clients are far from being perfect. Therefore, and for several years, pieces of software have been created to allow poker players to globally change not only the table appearance but also improve the multi-tabling experience.

Every poker room has different software available, for example, Winning, Chico, partypoker, 888 Poker have different applications to enhance the user experience.

Table scanners


This software is special for bumhunters. It allows players to find tables with weak players quickly. Many poker rooms restrict these applications but for those playing at iPoker and 888 Poker, Smart Table Scanner is the way to go.

The software uses the hand history to check all the tables and it finds the weakest lineups, allowing you to play against fishes.


It's impossible to cover all the variety of poker software in one single article. But precisely those software and services we commented today should be in the arsenal of any regular player who wants to develop his skills and constantly win at the tables.

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