iPoker Network introduced a built-in statistics tool: Player HUD


Playtech developers have unveiled version 21.3.8 of its platform for some iPoker skins. Its main novelty is Player HUD, a set of built-in statistics. What opportunities it provides for players, and what fate awaits trackers? We will analyze this in this article.


New products from Playtech

It seems that iPoker Network is not working on a new client because the one that has been operating since 2016 has recently received two major updates: the anonymity of nicknames with new sit-out rules and fast-fold poker in the form of Football Stars.

Recently, players of several rooms of the network had the opportunity to test a new feature, the introduction of which could have far-reaching consequences:

For players of rooms who have received the client version 21.3.8 (for now, these are BestPoker and Betfair Poker), a built-in HUD has become available at the cash tables.

Most likely other skins will soon get this option. According to the release notes, Player HUD will also work in tournaments.

How does Player HUD work?

By default, this functionality starts working immediately after updating the client. To configure it, a special section has been added to the software: "My Account – Settings – Player HUD":

iPoker Network Player HUD settings

* By unchecking the box, the player can turn off the built-in statistics.

There are 3 stats in total:

  1. Flop seen — the percentage of flop seen (also known as VPIP)
  2. Run — the number of hands lost or won in a row
  3. Aggression frequency — postflop aggression frequency. The ratio of the number of aggressive actions (raises and re-raises) vs. passive actions (calls and folds).

All statistics in Player HUD are relevant only for a single session at a separate table and are reset if the player returns to the table after a certain time (its duration is not specified; with a quick return, all stats should be saved).

Player HUD Table

At the table, Player HUD is displayed as a three-part rectangle: Flop seen and Aggression frequency are colored circles and Run features an icon. If you hover the cursor over it, a window with more detailed information pops up.

Configuring Player HUD

If you go to the "Configure for Cash Games" tab in the settings, you can change the default percentages of different Flop Seen and Aggression Frequency levels. The first has 4 gradations, and the second one has only three. Colors assigned to each level do not change.

Player HUD configuration

As for Run, it's not customizable in any way and has three levels:

  • Cold (snowflake) — lost 4 or more hands in a row
  • Hot (flame) — won 2 hands in a row
  • On Fire — won 3 hands in a row

What's next?

The iPoker Network became the third poker site to launch a built-in HUD, after GGPoker (Smart HUD) and Run it Once Poker (HeroIQ). Just like its competitors, players are offered a small set of basic stats for the current session. Let's also recall that real money poker apps like PPPoker or PokerBros also offer real-time statistics for their customers.

After the restrictions imposed on table selection, it became clear to everyone that iPoker intends to work hard towards the "poker ecology" and protect the interests of casual players.

Player HUD is still under test mode, but all other poker rooms that have a built-in HUD prohibit the use of third-party software (trackers). The main question is — will iPoker follow their example?

We will most likely found out the answer to this question only in the fall of 2021 when the feature reaches all the rooms and will start working in tournaments.

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